Swedish Residential Investment Property Hotspots

Love the coastline and the long stretch of beautiful mountains when you get a Swedish residential investment property. Find out the best residential property hotspots and invest in a Swedish home. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Residential investment properties in Sweden are gaining popularity as the country propels to economic growth.  As the fourth largest country in Europe, Swedish residential properties run on an average of 155,000 euros.

Ski resorts in Sweden are one of the investment property hotspots especially if you are one looking for lifestyle residential investments.  Sweden has over 25 ski resorts and you can choose an investment property to your liking.  Foreigners are attracted to Swedish investment properties because of its affordable prices.  And if you are after a ski resort, this investment property is a hit given the consistent ski period running from November to April.

Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city, is another residential property hotspot.  Close to two million or 20% of the Swedish population live in the capital city.  Stockholm is situated on 14 islands, has a nostalgic Scandinavian town and runs the economic lifeblood of investment properties in Sweden.  If you plan to invest in a residential property that is economic and buzzing with business, Stockholm is the investment hostpot for you to look into.

Sweden enjoys a beautiful coastline and this geographic advantage is more seen in Malmo, another Swedish residential investment property hotspot.  Malmo is situated on the southern coast and in terms of property investment opportunities, this is the hotspot to be.  A recent addition to the city’s investment viability is the construction of a 16-kilometere bridge linking Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmo, Sweden.  This is very good news since Malmo offers a more affordable residential investment plan than in Copenhagen.  The bridge will bring in residential property investors to the Malmo market.  No wonder the city is fast becoming an investment hotspot in Sweden.

On the western coast lies another viable Swedish investment property hotspot, Gothenburg.  Gothenburg is Sweden’s major port and seats a world class opera house.  A melting pot of culture, trade and the arts, Gothenburg is a good residential investment for those businessmen and traders who need to be in the loop of trade and artistic endeavor.

Sweden’s economy is upbeat and residential property investment is good.  House prices are more affordable compared to other residential investments in the region.  Swedish property hotspots offer economic advantages, trade opportunities and cultural heritage. Why not visit Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg?  Your next residential investment property could be in any one of these Swedish hotspots.

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