French Patio Doors

Want to buy French patio doors? Do you know how to tell an authentic French patio door from a fake? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know…

Nothing adds more beauty to the exterior view of your home than a set of French patio doors. These usually wooden doors are wide double doors with tall windows at either side. Inspired by French architecture, these patio doors commonly open out to a deck which is often accompanied with a pool. Although these patio doors are typically softly wooden, newer varieties are coming out which are made of fiberglass, aluminum and even steel. These doors are very exquisite in their simplicity and give a very country feel to a home. There are three main options when it comes to buying and installing French patio doors. These are between in-swing, out-swing and sliding doors.

Sliding French Patio Doors

The differences and choice may not seem to matter at first, but what type of French patio door you purchase depends highly on the area they will be installed. In-swing patio doors are great for areas where there is little space outside the doors and much more space inside. This would usually be the case if they were opening out to a veranda or balcony. Due to this, their focus is much more as an indoor feature and so many people prefer them to be constructed from lighter, softer woods such as Fir. These woods are coated with protective paints due to the sun exposure they would get.

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Another option in French patio doors is out-swinging doors. Opposite to in-swing doors, these open to the outside and are better for places where there is much space outside of the door. This could be to open decking or lawns and stereotypically to an outside pool. This is also much better if the indoor area has limited space. Fiberglass is used in the construction of these doors due to its strength and durability. However the interior side is still made from a soft wood like Fir.

Alternatively from these two choices, it is possible to order sliding French patio doors. These French doors are great as they look just like regular patio doors with the space saving bonus of having a sliding open door. Just like the out-swinging patio doors, these doors are built with fiberglass on the outside and softwood on the interior. Although all of these doors may be a relatively expensive option of opening, it is hard to go past French patio doors for beauty and aesthetics. After all, when it comes to selling your house, an entrance like this could make all the difference.

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