French Poodle Corte De Pelo

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The French poodle corte de pelo originates from France and is a water dog used for retrieving and hunting wild foul. The job of the French water dog is quite complicated.

From searching for the game to locating and flushing out the hidden game from the water to retrieving the birds after the owner has shot them the French water dog is a valuable hunting companion.

This dog has developed a resistance to extreme temperatures and can go hunting in any weather. This breed is quite ancient and is often spoken of in several books originating from France and dating from the early 16th century.

 Physical Characteristics

The French poodle corte de pelo is fairly better behaved with a mild temperament and becomes very attached to the owner; it is extremely sociable and loves the water even if it is cold. This medium-size French poodle corte de pelo with balanced proportions is covered with thick and wooly fur that prevents it from effects of cold and damp.

Name Origin

The coat of fur makes a beard on the chin and was the reason that the dog was named the Barbet from the French word for beard which is Barbe. The mustache of the dog covers the nose entirely and the coat on the skull falls all the way to the bridge of the nose.
The length of the body of this dog is slightly longer than the height at the withers and the muzzle is marginally shorter than the skull, which is rounded and broad.

The nose has big defined nostrils, and the color can be either black or brown depending on the fur. The muzzle is quite square, the bridge of the nose fairly broad, and thick, well pigmented lips covered by long hair. Both the jaws are equal in length and teeth have a sharp scissor bite and are very strong with well developed and aligned incisors.

The eyes are deep brown and beautifully rounded whereas the rim of the eyelid is either black or brown. Ears are long, flat and wide starting at eye level or lower and are covered by long strands of hair. The neck is short and strong followed by a solid and well built top line.

The loins are arched, short and strong with a rounded croup visible from the side as a smooth continuation of the visual line of the loin. The chest has a rounded ribcage which is deep, broad and well developed but not like a barrel. The slightly raised tail is low set and forms a hooked end.

This affectionate French poodle corte de pelo moves with a medium stride and soft easy movements define its gait with a good power from the hind quarters. The skin is relatively thick and the hair is wooly and curly often hanging in strands.

The French poodle corte de pelo is often groomed and hair is removed in accordance with its work and to maintain it. You will find a range of natural colors in the dogs coat from brown, gray, fawn, white, and black or even pale and red-fawn which is quite unique.

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