French Provincial Kitchen

Are you interested in turning your kitchen into a French provincial kitchen? Did you always find French provincial kitchens classy? Read our guide to know more about building a French provincial kitchen…

Have you been interested in turning your kitchen into a French provincial kitchen? Have you been wondering about the characteristic traits and features of a French provincial Kitchen? Here are a few guidelines that will tell you about the characteristic features and the ways to give your kitchen the French provincial look. Any ordinary kitchen can be made to look spectacular if you renovate it to give it a French provincial look.

There are several companies that specialize in renovation work that can give your kitchen a provincial look of your choice. The French provincial look is just one of them; you can also opt for the English Manor look, the Georgian look or the Country look and all this can be done with some subtle modifications. The best part is that even though the look will be classic you will still have access to all the modern amenities that you need for your everyday cooking needs. So old world kitchen collectables will be placed to create the rustic look but the cabinets will house your microwave, dishwasher, inbuilt refrigeration unit, cookers, food processors, electric hot plates, garbage disposal units etc.

To create a typical french provincial kitchen you will need to have:

End panels and bar backs that have hand painted finishes and are framed
Pilasters, flutes and corbels
Kickplates coupled with dentil cornices
The bench tops will have to be made of stone or timber or may even be tiled
The hinges on the cabinets can be hidden or exposed
The handles on the doors and cabinets will have to be made of wrought iron
The brackets will be hand forged
All the glass doors will need to have glazing bars
You will also need to include wicker baskets and plate racks.
The rangehoods will be designed in the mantel style.
And finally you will need to have a farmhouse white sink.

Make sure that when you look for a company that provides renovation services you inquire about the different materials used by them. For instance all the items that use timber like cupboards, cabinets, tables and kitchen bench tops should have a waterproof polyurethane coating. This will not only increase their durability but also make them suitable for both hot and cold operations.

All kitchens should have ample storage space. So the island counters should also have ample cabinet space that can be used for storage. The bench tops should ideally be made of granite or marble which will make them suitable not only for food serving but also for the preparation of food.

Finally don’t leave it all to the designers to rummage through the garage sales  and try to find things like old china plates, antique look dressers, old ware kitchen collectables, wooden plate racks to give your kitchen the old world charm

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