French Provincial Kitchens

Want to learn more about French provincial kitchens? Read on to find out more about this traditional French style of designing kitchens…

French provincial kitchens are based on a traditional design that provides you with style and utility perfectly fused together. Although this style was developed in France it has been widely accepted as one of the best ways to design your kitchen space. Today you will find many home owners and interior decorators choosing to adhere to this traditional style.

Columns and corbels are amongst the trademark features that you can expect to find in French provincial kitchens. Traditionally the color theme would be neutral based on coffee and creams with very little contrast. The stone look finish is also used to accompany the color palette. One of the characteristic features of this design is turned posts. These can be made out of timber or other solid wood. Wood columns would be used to create an opulent effect. If you want to get that classic touch in your home you can go for a hand painted finish to get a special overall look. Attention to detail is also another unique feature of French provincial kitchens. In the good old days the ceilings would be quite high and the comices would be made to extend all the way up to the ceiling.

Inside the French provincial kitchen a central spot is taken by an Island bench. Granite tops are common for such benches however neutral color themes that include a variety of earthy colors are favored. The island is not all about looks rather it serves many practical purposes. In fact it can be transformed into a complete alternative workspace in the kitchen. Contemporary interior designers enhance the utility of island benches by adding double sinks along with cupboards and drawers.

The French made sure that their kitchens were designed to provide you with adequate storage space. Wall hung decorative cabinets were also a prominent feature of French provincial kitchens. The conventional backlighting that enhances the displayed items can also be incorporated into the design along with mirror backs. Strangely enough the French incorporated a dresser into the kitchen design as well. The dresser was made to fit in one of the corners of the kitchen and would often hold up some fine chinaware. Ornamental carvings and windowed cabinet doors were some of the design elements of these dressers.

One of the most essential components of the French provincial kitchen style is the mantelpiece which has to be there in every kitchen. There is no doubt that this mantelpiece is supposed to serve as the central focus of the room but it can be incorporated in a very practical way. Some of the contemporary interior designers make the mantelpiece serve as the area where the stovetop and range hood are hooked up. This helps to create a nice warm area for cooking.

The French provincial kitchen is very well organized and it is never overcrowded. It is a rather sophisticated kitchen where you will not find pots and pans hanging from the walls and even the utensils are kept inside while the kitchen is decorated with many interesting design elements.

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