French Puddle

Interested in the French puddle? Read our guide for facts and info on this unique breed of dogs bred and developed in France…

The French puddle is one of the alternate names for the breed of dog known as the French poodle. The dog gets its name from its historical lineage that has to do with the German word “Pudelhund”.

The word poodle is actually supposed to be a short form of this very word. Another reason why this dog is called by this name is that it is believed that this breed evolved from a water dog.

The French are credited for developing the French poodle into its present form. They experimented with the breeding process and developed it in different sizes with differing characteristics. In French the same breed is known as caniche which again draws upon its water dog origins.

French Puddle Characteristics

Although most people know the French poodle as a show dog, historically it has always played the role of a retriever and the gun dog. It can still be seen playing that role in certain specific areas of the world. On the whole however the French poodle has become more of a show dog.

The most distinctive characteristic of the French poodle is its amazingly thick and curly coat of hair. Their plush double coat requires regular grooming and because of its unique resemblance to human hair it is commonly referred to as hair. In general the French poodle is found in solid colors. There is however a parti-colored variety of the breed. This variety has patches of different colors that contrast with the color of its body.

Yet another variety of the poodle is known as the Phantom. The Phantom is identified by its unique black and tan pattern. A unique characteristic of the solid colored division is that they may hold their color in some cases and in other cases they may begin to fade and with time the coat becomes of a lighter shade. In general the ears and the hilt to be found on the thicker guard retains its original color.

Many people dock the tail of the French poodle. However this practice is actually banned in the UK as well as Australia. The trend in the United States is still to leave long tails even when docking is practiced. In the past, French puddles used to be given tails reminiscent of those found on Bunny rabbits. Dropped ears are another characteristic feature of the French puddle.

French Puddle Coat

Although it may seem that French puddles have double coats because of the thickness of their hair in truth they only have a single layer without an undercoat. The single layer of hair is very dense and curly and hardly sheds.

The French puddle’s coat is considered to be free of allergens to quite an extent. As an owner of the French puddle you will have to engage in hours of painstaking brushing and hair care every week. In general however poodle owners clip down the hair of the dog as long as it is not entering a show.

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