Hameln Double French Horns

Are you interested in purchasing Hameln double French horns? Then read our guide for more facts and information…

Hameln offers a wide range of musical instruments including trombones, trumpets, saxophones, flutes and French horns. They aim to offer high quality to satisfy their customers at all times.

You will come across many models in their double French horns line. They are more or less the same yet have minor differences to tailor to customers’ needs.

Hameln instruments are developed from the finest materials. They ensure that the horns have been made with incredible precision to add convenience for the player. The makers of the Hameln instruments take pride in the final product that reaches their clients.

Hameln French horn: H10501A4DL

This Hameln French horn comes with a four valve feature. It is suited for intermediate or serious players with a little experience. The horn produces warm, rich tones while being easy to play at the same time.

The model exemplifies the precise craftsmanship behind every Hameln instrument. The horn has rotary valves which are part of the overall mechanical linkage of the instrument. This model comes with a fixed bell which is generally a little costlier than the ones with detachable bells.

It has a lacquer finish and overall polished brass which adds to its elegance. Included with the French horn are valve oil, hard case and a lead mouthpiece.

This model also comes with a Deluxe light case that has straps for easy handling and carrying. This flight style case provides more protection to the Hameln horn than the older heavier cases.

Hameln banks on customer service, they promise to deliver you the best quality to keep you satisfied with your instrument for years.

They have an instant exchange scheme whereby you can address your immediate concerns during the first 30 days of your purchase. Further you also get a complete year’s warranty on your double French horn.

Many Hameln products are on sale, so be sure to check with your local retailer to find out the latest prices. On average you can buy a Hameln double French horn for $ 599 to $699.

It is a good idea to test-play the horn before you buy it to understand the feel and tone of the horn. Once you are satisfied with the sound, the mechanical features and consider the price to be worth the horn then you can go forth and make your purchase.

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