How To French Braid Pigtails

Want to learn how to make French braid pigtails? Read on to find out how you can make French braid pigtails yourself…

Little girls need to have their hair out of their face when they play, and also look polished when they party. If you want your girl’s pigtails to look well groomed and stylish you should learn how to make French braid pigtails

How to French Braid Pigtails

Start by brushing your hair as for this smooth style you need to ensure that your hair is as smooth as possible. Divide the hair in two separate sections. One half should be on the left side of the head while the other half should be on the right side.
The right technique for dividing the hair in half is to run the brush down the middle of the back of your head and comb from the middle of the back of your head towards the side. This will ensure that you have an even parting in the hair.

If you are just learning how to braid French pigtails for the first time, try tying one section with the rubber band, to keep hair in this side out of the way till you are ready to work on it. From the loose section, shift the hair forward to hang over your shoulder.

Make small sections at your temple, each section should be a maximum size of your thumb measured across. Smaller sections make the braid more elaborate while larger sections allow you to make a fast and simple braid.

How to French Braid Pigtails for a Smooth Finish

Braid the three sections on your template together, and each time you bring a section to the middle of your crown, add a little more hair to the strands. Now the braid will start traveling down the side of the head and continue doing this till you run out of hair. Now continue with a regular braid until you reach the tips of the hair.

Fasten the hair with a rubber band at the end, you can braid right to the end of the hair or leave some hair loose at the end of the braid.
Now pull out the rubber band from the other section of the hair and brush it smoothly. Pull this section forward and drape it in front of your shoulder. Again separate the sections at your temple, making sure they are the same size as that of the first braid so that their look is uniform.

Braid the sections together, and each time you pull a section towards the center of the braid, add a little more hair. Continue with the braid like you did on the first one, and guide the end with a small rubber band. Smooth the edges with hairspray or water.
These adorable French pigtails are very easy and with regular practice you can learn how to French braid pigtails in a professional way.

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