How To French Braid Your Own Hair

Do you want to experiment with a French braid ? Did you always want to learn how to French braid your own hair? Read our guide for step by step instructions…

If you always wanted to experiment with the French braid but did not know how to French braid your own hair here are some instructions that will help you to get the prefect French braid. This is a classic hairdo that looks elegant and sophisticated yet is very easy to do. To begin with you will need your hair to be clean and dry. So start by washing your hair and then blow drying them. Next you will need to unsnarl all the knots and tangles so that you can get a smooth finish. Once your hair is tangle free you are ready to start.

Use a brush for this start by combing all your hair back; comb them enough to get a smooth look. Making the braid is very much like making a simple braid. Take a section of your hair from the part of your head where you want to start the braid. Next you will need to separate the hair from the section into three parts; this is just like the way you would make a normal braid.

Now start the braiding but moving the strand on the right over the central strand and then moving the left strand over the central strand. Now move all the three strands to your left hand. But make sure that you don’t mix the strands. An easy way to keep them apart is by keeping them separated with the help of your fingers. Now take a strand from the right side of your scalp. Add this strand to the old strand on your extreme right. Now cross the newly formed right strand over the central strand, pull to make sure that the hair doesn’t slip out of the braid.

Now move all the strands to your right hand, once again be careful with the strands because you don’t want to mix them, use the fingers of your right hand to keep them separated. Now take a strand from the left side of your scalp and mix this strand with the old strand to your extreme left and cross this newly formed strand over the central strand. Once again pull neatly. Now repeat the entire procedure till you have included all the hair from the left and right side of your hair in the braid and complete the rest of the braid like you would normally. And that’s all there is to making a French braid.

You may want to start by using your newly learnt technique on a friend because it is always easy to braid someone else’s hair than your own. Once you get the hang of it you will easily be able to French braid your own hair as well. Finally if you want you can also add colorful hair accessories to the hairdo.

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