Jupiter Double French Horns

Jupiter is a household name when it comes to double French horns. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Jupiter is a subsidiary of KHS Musical Instruments Ltd which is one of the largest musical instrument providers present today. Since 1930s they have been committed to cultivate music education and nurture the music community.

KHS offers a broad range of high quality instruments to individual players and music schools. Jupiter like its parent company, KHS chooses amongst the finest material available, has state of the art manufacturing facilities which translate into reliable, efficient and high quality musical instruments.

Among Jupiter’s target market are students and aspiring musicians. They emphasize on confidence building by providing high quality instruments.

Their instruments are designed to help educators, professional players who conduct musical classes as well as repair technicians. Keeping the students and their limited budget in purview, the prices are kept low.

Jupiter offers a selected range of double French horns. Over the years they have maintained their name in delivering quality with consistency by hiring the best design engineers.

The French horns have been developed with precision through their computerized machinery and trained employees who concentrate on assembly and set up.

For all the French horns, the valves and the turning slides are hand lapped, the pads are hand seated while the keys are aligned and adjusted by hand. The finishing touches are also done by hand and every instrument is inspected and play tested before it is sent off.

Jupiter 852L Series

The 852L model is suited for serious students who are aspiring musicians. The model has .472″ bore and a yellow brass, fixed bell which measures 11.9/10″.

The double horn has a rose-brass mouth pipe, medium sized bell throat, four tapered rotary valves and comes in a lacquer finish.

The 852L French horn has a Geyer wrap which allows the change valve to be farthest away from the player which causes less bends in the tubing of the F side. This causes less resistance and matches the tones of the F and B-flat sides together. The horn comes with nickel silver slides and over all mechanical linkage. It includes wooden frame case and rotor oil.

The other models of the Jupiter double French horns come in similar features with little differences. Therefore it will not be difficult to find the ideal Jupiter horn that meets your needs. You can go ahead and purchase the Jupiter horn if you think the quality and price suits your needs.

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