Lancome Paris Juicy Tubes

Want to buy Lancome Paris Juicy tubes? Read our guide for facts and info on this special lip gloss…

Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes are a staple in the makeup pouch of any woman.  Skincare, cosmetics, fragrances and beauty products are an essential part of any woman’s grooming routine. Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes are a form of lip gloss that come in plastic tubes and are very easy and convenient to carry in the purse. These lip glosses have amazing shine and subtle colors. The Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes have a great smell and taste and even the smallest amount of lip gloss used on the lips gives amazing results.

The latest in the range of Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes is the limited edition colors and flavors designed on the fashion capitals of the world. The special packaging for this edition has been designed by Christopher Kane.

Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes Benefits

Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes have a fruity flavor and add sparkle, color and shine to the lips. It is a light tinted gel that slides easily on the lips and does not collect in the corners of your mouth or the contours of the lips. It is ideally used to moisturize the mouth frequently and create the illusion of a plump and luscious mouth.

The gloss stays for a few hours on the mouth and is beautiful along with being durable. It can last you up to four weeks, and is available easily in the market. It is very easy to apply and remove and good value for money. The coverage is nice and sheer and the other is light and long-lasting. This fruity fragrance and taste are very appealing to women all over the world.

Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes are quite thick and you need to apply a very little amount to get the definition you need. The lighter colors are extremely shiny and barely visible on the mouth, so you can use them as an everyday lip gloss to moisturize the lips.

Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes Colors and Range Details

Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes are more expensive than over-the-counter lip gloss since it is part of a high-fashion cosmetic brand. There are more than 30 permanent shades of the Juicy Tubes lip gloss. It can be worn alone or on top of your favorite lipstick to add moisture and shine.

The main advantage of using the juicy tubes lip gloss is that you do not need to look into a mirror each time you apply it!  The applicator is shaped in a slant so it is very easy to follow the natural contours of your mouth. The new Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes are based on pastries from France. Those shades include names like Plum Souffle, French Vanilla, Caramel Praline, Tarte Tatin, Sweet Éclair, Crème de Cassis and the subtle Cinnamon Brioche.

Lancôme Paris Juicy Tubes come in a 15 ML plastic tubes and provide a beautiful hint of shimmering colors with the ultra-brilliant flavored lip gloss. The natural shine of your shades gives the flavor of fresh nectar to your mouth, which is complemented by the subtle shades and sheer and pure shine which is delightful and irresistible.


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