Little Known Museum Paris

Going to Paris on vacation? Want to visit some of the little known museums that are off the beaten path? Here we introduce you to one of the little known yet very interesting museums in Paris: the Jacquemart-Andre Museum.

Paris has some of the biggest and best museum in Paris. The Louvre Museum, Rodin, and National Contemporary Arts Museums are all second to none in terms of the cultural services they provide to the public. Those museums, however, are almost always crowded and involve endless queues to get into the museum and often even to see many of the more famous pieces of art.

Sometimes, it makes sense to escape the crowds and opt for some of the smaller, less well known museum in Paris in order to be able to take you time and savor the cultural experience. One such museum in Paris is the Jacquemart-Andre Museum of art.

Off Beaten Path Museum in Paris

This little known museum is houses in a 19th century Parisian town house which immediately sets the right atmosphere for an authentic French experience. The museum gets its name from a married couple, Edouard Andre and Nelie Jacquemart, who are responsible for bringing together all the artworks housed in this little known Paris museum. This couple traveled the world for years building up a collection of art to bring back to Paris and house in this museum.

The intimate atmosphere that allows you to come up close to many of the art works on display is in stark contrast to many of the larger museums in Paris. In fact, many visitors to this museum in Paris report enjoying the atmosphere of the place just as much as the fascinating art works.

Art at the Jacquemart- Andre Museum

The Jacquemart- Andre Museum in Paris has an excellent collection of 18th century European art from France, Belgium and Holland. In addition o paintings, there are many pieces of furniture, tapestries and other decorative arts on display. One of the main attraction of the Jacquemart- Andre Museum in Paris is a painting of St. George and the dragon painted by Paolo Uccello, a 15th century Italian renaissance painter.

The Jacquemart- Andre Museum in Paris opens daily from 10am until 5pm. The address of the museum is 158 Boulevard Hausmann which is in the 8th Arrondissement. Unfortunately, the Paris Museum Pass is not valid for entry at this museum.

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