Maestro Double French Horns

Should you purchase a Maestro double French horn? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Maestro specializes in wind musical instruments made from brass. They are based in the United States and are involved in research and design of instruments.

If you are a student or just starting to play horns then Maestro may be a good option to go for. Maestro mainly targets students and amateurs musicians. They aim to provide the younger generation with instruments to pursue their passion for music.

Keeping the younger audience in consideration, the Maestro French horns are available in different colors. However students and their parents are looking for an instrument that ensures quality and years of hassle-free playing experience to come. Hence for Maestro quality is also a key aspect that goes into developing their products.

On most Maestro horns you will see that numbers are engraved either on the bell, the side of the valve or the mouth piece. This number may be used as reference in case you need to exchange the horn or send for repairs. However on some horns you will not find the engraved numbers, ask your retailer about the procedure for the refund or exchange.

You can easily buy used, vintage or brand new Maestro French horns from where different retailers can easily ship the product to your doorstep.

A brand new maestro horn will on average cost around $450. All Maestro double French horns come with F and B flat keys. The horn has a 12 inch fixed bell and an overall mechanical linkage. The horn is made from hard silver nickel and has brass valves.

Any brand new Maestro horn is said to have great sound, tone and intonation. However if you purchase a used or vintage horn, then the tone and sound quality cannot be predicted or guaranteed.The horn comes with a silver mouthpiece as well as a hard case.

When purchasing your Maestro horns from make sure to take note of a couple of things. Every retailer has a different payment and shipping procedure. Some may charge more than others for shipping which may increase your costs significantly.

It is also advisable to go over the feedback and the rating of the seller as well as the product. This will help you avoid dealing with unreliable sellers who may try to sell you something other than what is shown in the pictures.

All in all you should purchase a maestro French horn if you are looking for a horn in an average price range with a reasonable quality. If you are an experienced player or are considering making an investment then choosing a high end brand may be a better option.

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