Monique Double French Horns

Should you purchase a Monique double French horn? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Monique French horns are considered among the average quality horns available in the market today.  The Monique French horns have mechanical string linkages on the rotors similar to those in advanced horns. They come with smooth finger paddles which allow easy playing and screw bells which can be detached for convenience. The horn is made from brass which is considered to be best suited to ensure durability and better sound quality.

Some people recommend the Monique horns for concerts due to their projection. While others deem it best for solo or small group performances.

Target Market

Monique French horns are ideal if you are just beginning to play horns or are a student. They make good first horns as they allow for easy playing and they are not advanced in that they are crafted in a simple fashion.

Yet they are not chosen by professionals or those buying horns as investment instruments. The more serious players choose to purchase high end brands such as Conn, Holton or King which are considered great investment pieces.
The Monique French horns are also preferred by those on a tight budget as they are very cheap.


Generally Monique horns are considered to be average horns yet many do consider getting value for the money they paid because of the extremely low cost of the horn.

You can purchase new and old Monique horns at There are many individual retailers as well as wholesale sellers who list these horns. Just remember to check the seller’s rating to ensure whether you will be supplied what the picture shows.

For those who can pay more for their horns, it is advisable to choose a renowned brand such as Conn, King or Holton over Monique. This applies if you are looking for a good quality instrument that will last you for years. These companies have been around for many years hence they are considered to be reliable in terms of the quality and after sales customer service.

Therefore your decision to purchase a Monique double horn will majorly be based on your experience as a player and whether or not you can afford a better horn.

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