Paris Hilton Perfumes

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Paris Hilton is a famous American socialite who has launched the Paris Hilton perfumes range with great success. The first of the perfumes was named after herself Paris Hilton. Her fans described it as the best of the entire collection of Paris Hilton perfumes.

After the successful launch of Paris Hilton perfume, and acceptance of the fragrance by fans and perfume aficionados, she went on to launch a male version of the same perfume for her male fans. This perfume was named the Paris Hilton for men.

The third of the collection of fragrances in the Paris Hilton perfumes category was called ‘Just Me’ and was launched in Fall 2005. This perfume is available for both men and women. Paris Hilton saw the success of her fragrances rise with each launch and this prompted her to launch another perfume in October 2006 called ‘Heiress’. Not to leave her male fan club behind, she launched ‘Heir’ for men later in 2006. The sixth perfume to be launched by Paris Hilton in October 2007 is called ‘Can Can’.

Paris Hilton Perfumes History of Fragrances

Paris Hilton is best known for her attention grabbing tactics, and has become a famous socialite. She knows how to draw the spotlight on her each time she steps out in public or has a private event. She always likes to be in the center of things and uses smart marketing and public relations tactics.

Paris Hilton perfumes allow you to enjoy the magic created by Paris Hilton and smell like a star. The rich and appealing fragrances capture a powerful sensuality and the moment of breathtaking beauty for even those who are not celebrities, allowing them to enjoy a special feeling created by their favorite socialite.

Paris Hilton Perfumes Various Fragrances in Base Notes

Paris Hilton perfumes initiated with the launch of the Paris Hilton in 2004. The base scent comprises of juicy peach and apple. The floral bouquet is created with Jasmine, Freesias and Momosa flowers. The warm note is added with Oakmoss and creamy Sandalwood and feminine charm and sensuality are built in with Phermones and Ylang Ylang.

Paris Hilton launched the male version of the same perfume as she knows that her male admirers around the world would enjoy the fragrance created by her. The crisp and clean fragrance has notes of Green Mango and fig leaf. This is a very masculine scent which is toned down by Juniper, Basil and white sage. A very seductive blend brought to an elite height with Cucumber, Amber and Moroccan Cedarwood created a hypnotic aroma.

Just Me by Paris Hilton perfumes creates a new bouquet with bergamot, red berries, spicy pink peppercorns and flowers like Lily of the Valley, the White Rose and violets to create a youthful fragrance. The seductive notes of musk and Tahitian Vanilla make a woody base for this fragrance.

Just Me for Men, by Paris Hilton perfumes is a contemporary fragrance created with the use of tangerine, lemon, bergamot, key lime and black currant which are mixed with lush fragrance of fresh grass. The spicy undertone of these ingredients is blended subtly with marine notes using Sea breeze and Sage. The addition of the exotic Patchouli and Amber along with musk makes a very passionate and exotic note to this warm fragrance.

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