Parisian Party Dresses

Want to buy a Parisian party dress? Looking for the perfect Parisian party dresses? Read our guide for facts and info on the different kinds of party dresses from Paris available out there…

Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world and is home to the best designers and clothing labels. Parisian couture is popular all over the world and each year the fashionistas eagerly await to see the latest creations being sent off the Paris design mills. What is worn in Paris itself is a question many fashionistas wonder about, the general trend in Paris party dresses is that dark dresses are worn during the evening and lighter shades are preferred for daytime events.

Dark-colored clothes and dresses have been used until contemporary times as eveningwear. Combinations like black brown color are mixed with bright contrasting color satin fabric for a glamorous sheen. Satin is by far the favorite material used in clothing in the creation of Paris party dresses, especially when combined with plain velvet. A combination of traditional historical styles is being amalgamated into present day fashion. For example the large court habit which was formerly worn over a full skirt is now worn over a tight fitting skirt.

Different Kinds of Paris Party Dresses

An outfit of this kind has been created with a pink satin underskirt and it is very tight fitting and puffed in the shape of diamonds. The large court habit and train are made of antique pink fabric with a slight silver sheen, and is trimmed with ribbons of pink colored marabout. There are also scatterings of rosebuds surrounded with green and black leaves in bunches.

Traditionally, Paris party dresses are adorned with flowers or feathers. The flowers are used on scarves which when combined with the rich dresses worn today add a lot of character to the design and flowers also work well with light suits and gauze. The popular lighter fabrics are satin striped Grenadines with either a gold or silver intermixed stripe, white and black striped grenadines with satin or silver and gold faconne or the gazes de soie.

Paris party dresses may also include materials of valenciennes lace fabric in a tasteful shade with satin trim and lace edging on the sleeve.

A fashionable trend on Paris party dresses is the use of trim on the dress which is comprised of ribbon arranged in flat loops at the border of the dress and the outer garment corresponding with it. The loops are approximately 4 inches long and 2 inches broad. Often the dress has a gathered flounce with the head formed with the faille or ribbon loops in contrasting color. The sleeve of this kind of party dress has loops falling over the edge and on to the hand. The use of plush is prevailing in trimming the bonnets and also Paris party dresses. The light plush presents a pretty option for trimming evening gowns as compared to velvet. And it is also used in pure white or ivory color often bordered with embroidery and beads used to create flower garlands.

The Paris party dresses are accessorized with coiffures and combs with flowers on them. The flowers are arranged in a flat bunch that follows the shape of the comb in a graceful curve. The hair arrangements using flowers are very light and often combined with black lace hats which are finished off at the back with flowers or feathers, and elegant purses with beads and satin finish off the look of Paris eveningwear.

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