Parisian Style Bathroom

Want to learn more about the Parisian style bathroom? Read on for facts and info on the various elements related to Parisian style bathrooms…

Home owners with a savvy sense of aesthetics know that creating the perfect bathroom takes a lot more than choosing the right sink and faucet. You can add a totally new dimension to your bathroom by sticking to the Parisian theme. Parisian style bathrooms have distinctive characteristics that make them stand out from other conventional designs.

There are many ways of going about designing your bathroom according to a Parisian theme. You can use relatively simple bath accessories in a nice combination in order to cross form your boardroom or powder room into a French style bathroom. One of the things that sets Parisian bathrooms apart is the use of luxurious colors. This can be complemented by a variety of unique metal containers and earthenware. Make use of different luxurious towels dyed some soft romantic colors with varying textures along with these accessories. This will help to give your bathroom interior the luxurious look that is characteristic of Parisian bathrooms.

Another element that can help create the theme that you are trying to acquire is the use of clear glass containers. This will allow you to display the colors of the soaps and bath or that you use in the bathroom. The colors will come through to compliment and create a romantic color scheme. A colorful canister set can also be incorporated into the accessories. Another unique element that will give your bathroom a definite French lineage is a classic French style wall sconce. This will create a luxurious ambiance in the surrounding environment.

The French pay a lot of attention to designing their bathrooms because they believe that the day begins and ends with the bath room. This is why they try to create an intimate space inside the bathrooms that will help you to unwind and rejuvenate after a hard days work. Although bathrooms are meant to serve a mere necessity, the French have transformed them into significant indulgence.

Other characteristic elements that can be found in Parisian style bathrooms are artistically framed mirrors with detailed carvings. These can be purchased from antique furniture shops. You can also make use of unique vases along with urns that will give your bathroom an artistic edge.

The selection of dressing tables also has to be precise in order to capture the French look. Basically you have to go for dressing tables with artistic and lavish designs that seem like proper furniture giving you timeless beauty along with convenience. A host of other furniture, textures, wall art and accessories can be used to give the bathroom space a personal touch with the overlying French theme.

The right kind of lighting can also help to enhance the French look. You should go for soft lighting as it creates a more romantic feel and makes the environment look cozier. Old world decoration accessories should be added where ever possible. This will create the drama that is characteristic of Parisian style.


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