Parisian Themed Bedroom

Want to learn more about Parisian themed bedroom design? Read our guide for facts and info on what elements are used to decorate Parisian themed bedrooms…

Parisian themed bedrooms seem to be very popular with little girls, teenagers and even older women. Over the years Parisian themed bedrooms have grown in popularity and many people try their own hands at creating the classic Paris chic ambiance in the room.

There are some distinctive features in Parisian themed bedrooms. You have to be very selective about the color theme that you will be using in your bedroom. It is a good idea to paint your wall with a pale yellow or tan tint in order to capture that classic look. You can accentuate your walls by painting stripes horizontally or vertically in contrasting colors. If you are decorating the room for the little girl then you can use stencils and paint in French words or use a scroll type motif on the walls.

Parisian Themed Windows

The way you decorate your windows will also factor in creating the Parisian theme that you want to acquire. Balloon shades are a characteristic feature of this theme. Basically balloon shapes are used to serve the function of a window cover. You need to flank the window cover with a pair of traditional French curtains. If you are going to be using yellow for the walls then it would be good idea to incorporate pink striped curtains on your windows. A classic technique that is used when looking to create the Parisian theme is to hang the curtains up high. This helps to create an illusion making the room seem taller.

Parisian Themed Bedroom Furnishings

When it comes to the furnishings for such a bedroom the first and foremost thing that you have to incorporate is the four poster bed that is topped with a draped canopy. In case you do not want to spend on acquiring a new four poster bed you can use a boxy bed instead but create an upholstered or tufted headboard. Use neutral or complementary colors for the headboard and match them with your bed linen. Bedside tables are another essential feature of this theme. It is not necessary to have matching bedside tables as one can be used as the nightstand and the other can be a round table draped by a colorful coordinating table cover.

A dresser along with a mirror is also an essential element that needs to be incorporated into the Parisian themed bedroom. Ideally you would want to go with something that has the distinctive French style such as the Louis XVI style furniture. If you want to give your room a more contemporary feel then you can incorporate furniture with cleaner and simpler lines.

The linens that you use to cover your bed should have a distinctive Parisian theme. If you are going for a sophisticated look then you might want to incorporate floral patterns with frills. On the other hand if you are decorating the room for a little girl then you can purchase that linen with different French elements such as the Eiffel Tower or the Arc printed on it. With regards to the material, silk is the fabric of choice for the Parisian bedroom theme.


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