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Pouydraguin France is located in the Gers department in the region of the Midi-Pyrenees in southwestern France. It is a commune that consists of 137 inhabitants. There are 14 inhabitants per square kilometer in Pouydraguin. Tasque is the closest town to Pouydraguin and is situated 3.7km away.

The postcode of Pouydraguin France is 32290 and the altitude is 113 to 222 meters. The surface area of Pouydraguin measures only 9.71 square kilometers. To visit Pouydraguin, you could stay at a bed and breakfast called Le Domaine du Castex, located about 5.8 kilometers from the community. Prices start from 45 Euro for a double room complete with sumptuous breakfast in the morning.

The capital of Gers department, where Pouydraguin France is located, is the town of Auch. This town is situated on the Gers River in Gascony. This town in France is the commercial center for Gascony and trades in Armagnac brandy, wine and grain. The 15th century Cathedrale Sainte-Marie with its magnificent stained glass windows is a major attraction of Auch. There is also the statue of d’Artagnan who was Charles de Batz, the Comte d’Artagnan, made doubly famous by the writing of Alexandre Dumas.

Events close to Pouydraguin France

As Pouydraguin France is somewhat a quiet place, the main events of interest occur in the department of Gers. The Garlic Festival or Fete de l’Ail falls on 6 August 2009, and is held in Saint-Clar. The celebrations’ main feature is a meal which is served in the Gascony style. A special local garlic soup called Tourin is served free at 11 am by farmers’ wives at the local market. Lunch is available for 22 Euro with the famous local melon as the starter and a local sherry-like drink called Floc. Visitors can then feast themselves on roast chicken with ratatouille, galantine of chicken and apple croustade. Armagnac brandy provides the alcoholic stimulation. Bread and wine flow freely.

Pouydraguin France is a small community of people who live in the Gers department in the Midi-Pyrenees region of southwestern France. They number less than 150 inhabitants with approximately 14 people for each square kilometer. The small size of Pouydraguin France means that most of the tourist events are held in other towns. The ancient town of Auch is the source of Alexandre Dumas’ d’Artagnan of the ‘Three Musketeers’ fame.


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