French Manicure

Want to know when the French Manicure originated? Interested in learning how to do a French manicure yourself? Want to know the advantages of professional French manicures? Read our guide for more facts and information…

The French manicure is considered by many to be a classic look that will never go out of style. Despite the continued modern popularity of the look however, the history of the French manicure is mysterious. The origin of the French manicure is disputed as some claim that it was invented in the 1930s in Paris, while others claim that the manicure is only titled French to sound chic and stylish. No matter the origins of the French manicure, the style gained and maintained popularity in the United States and around the world with women of all ages and status.

The Style

The French manicure is often called the natural nail look. This classic look creates a natural looking nail by polishing the nails with a white coat on the tips of the nail and polishing the rest of the nail in a pink or sheer coat. Although a white tip is traditional many experts believe that an off-white or ivory tip actually improves the look of the French manicure.  The French manicure is a popular look for many women; however, the style looks best when painted on short or moderate length nails. The end result is a style that leaves the nails looking clean and well groomed without unnecessary flash.

Do It Yourself

It is believed that the French manicure gained prominence in the United States in the 1930s. However, as the 1930s gave way to the depression women began to look to save money by using French manicure techniques in their homes. French manicures, however, are difficult to do yourself as they require accuracy and steadiness when painting the tips which is difficult to achieve with the offhand. The cosmetic industry in 1978 recognized that the French manicure was difficult to achieve at home, and ORLY created the first home kit. Today, many drugstores sell kits to help those individuals who try to give themselves French manicures. Even with the kits, the style is difficult to achieve by yourself, which means that it is still popular for people to have French manicures done professionally.

Professional Advantages

Although, French manicures often cost more than other styles to the greater demands on accuracy the overall appearance can be much improved by having another person apply the polish. Professionals are also able to help advise on appropriate tip colour as well as base coat to achieve the look of a natural looking nail. When investing in having a French manicure done professionally the life of the manicure can be prolonged by reapplying coats.

The French manicure no matter how you create it, has existed for many decades and has maintained its popularity for its classic and versatile look.

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