Rene Of Paris Wigs

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Rene of Paris Wigs are available in designer styles including the Amore and the Noriko Monofilament Designer Series Collection.

With the hair length and color available in these wigs, you would easily find a super product that fits you well and requirements of your styling needs are catered to. The soft look of the short and long cuts of Rene’ of Paris Wigs define the essence of glamour and demand attention.

Noriko’s Monofilament Wigs & Enhancements provide you with a solution for replacement or artificial hair which has exceptional comfort, is easy to style and has a very natural appearance.

The idea of these natural looking Rene’ of Paris Wigs was made successful with the monofilament technology. These wigs are all about comfort, quality and style which allow users to enjoy the look with confidence.

Rene of Paris Wigs Craftsmanship

Many of Rene’ of Paris Wigs are constructed with synthetic hair fiber and are available to fit average to large head size and weight from 2 to 5 ounces depending on the length of the wig. You can get them in solid colors or with a gradient effect.

The René of Paris wigs features double monofilament construction, which allows a lot of comfort when it is fitted on your scalp and the wig becomes easy to style. It has a very smart chameleon like base which can match the scalp color of an individuals head. The construction of the monofilament wigs creates excellent ventilation making the wig extremely comfortable to wear due to the special technique used in weaving the hair. The weave allows breathing space between your synthetic hair and scalp while you wear it and there is no heat or moisture buildup that causes discomfort on your head.

Rene of Paris Wigs Brands and Styles

The Jolie wig comes in natural colors, and is cut to a modern bob with layers creating texture and volume. It is offered in gradient colors which make it more natural looking with the multicolor tones on each individual strand. The reason for this technique of color is that it creates the illusion of depth and body in this look giving it a very contemporary feel. This wig fits the average head size and weighs approximately 3.2 ounce with a hair length of 4 inches on the nape, 5.5 inches on the fringe and the Crown.

Another variation of the René of Paris wigs is the Shilo wig by Noriko which comes in synthetic hair fiber. The almond spice color of the Shilo wig has a gradient effect to it and gives it a natural look and a contemporary feel. The long and soft layers give it a lot of movement. The hand tied top is combined with the monofilament construction and allows great flexibility and comfort when you wear it.

The Tia Wig has a short point cut which can be worn in spiked fashion or flat and tamed for a smooth crop. The hair length is 3.25 inches at the Crown and fringe and 2.75 inches at the nape.



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