German Army Surplus

German Army surplus consists of military goods such as camping equipment, clothing, boots, weapons and several other field gears, which are outdated or no more used by the army, and hence sold for civilian use. Read our guide for more facts and infor

Army surplus goods provide good value for money, and are sold in exclusive stores meant for them. Army surplus stores offer military goods at the lowest possible wholesale prices, and further the quality of these goods is matchless as they are made to endure the tough lifestyle of a soldier. Though weapons and munitions are rare, clothing such as jackets, parkas, hats and uniforms are commonly sold. Other items include name tags, embroidered patches, tents, backpacks and occasionally vehicles. A few kinds of military items that impersonate a serving member in the army are not offered for sale. These include headgear with insignias, buttons, badges and authentic items.

German Army Surplus Goods

Surplus goods of the German Army include a wide variety of items, including those used in the Second World War. Wool pants, jackets, parkas, backpacks, boots and vehicles are some of the common items that are purchased for civilian use. These items are sold in army surplus stores or through dedicated websites or web auctions.  Durability, reliability and authenticity are a few reasons that can be ascribed to the popularity of these goods.

Clothing items such as jackets and parkas are robust and authentic with unique characteristics, owing to the use of gore-tex fabrics and natural fleece liners. Army boots such as the combat boots are made to endure rugged surroundings, with technologies like gore-tex side panels, ankle stability, foot protection and excellent grip. The German Para Boots are excellent quality leather boots of the 1990’s. Refurbished canvas military tents of various shapes are also sold as surplus.

German Army Surplus as Collectibles

Avid fans of army goods and items purchase German Army surplus to cherish them as collectibles. Collectibles include Second World War German military artifacts, such as weapons. The Karabiner 98k rifles used by Germans during the Second World War are popular collectibles. Several artifacts have die stamps, representing the German Reich eagle with a number. They are inspection stamps known as ‘waffenamts’, and indicate that they have passed some inspection during the manufacturing process.  The German Army Knife or the West German Bundeswehr Taschenmesser is also a unique collectible.

Purchase of German Army Surplus Goods

Army surplus stores, usually retail stores, sell military surplus at incredibly low prices. Over the years, these stores have gained importance as they offer quality goods at hefty discounts. Recognized stores, which have the expertise and experience in dealing with such goods, will offer an excellent value for money. Another option is online purchase, wherein it is possible to browse various categories in a single site. A potential buyer can register with the site and get access to dealer special prices for a wide range of featured products. Further, placing an order online is a much easier task, provided the site is recognized for its good reputation.

Fans, enthusiasts, survivalists and consumers seek to buy German Army surplus not only for their price and utility but also for their antique value. Dealers and stores make bulk purchase of these goods at much lesser prices and distribute or sell them to customers.

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