WW2 German Helmet Parts

Looking for World War II German helmet parts? Learn more about suppliers involved in restoring German helmets using World War II German helmet parts…

If you’re interested in the restoration of World War II German helmets then you will need to locate the necessary parts. Today there is an increased interest in World War II and World War I military equipment. This has led to a better selection of sources for parts for the WW2 German helmet. When you search online there are different websites and suppliers that offer reproduction items for the helmet. Each item is listed with its picture and a complete description along with a variable price list for each product. It is easy to purchase the products online by simply quoting the serial number and the number of units desired for purchase.

Different World War II Helmet Buckle and Parts for Sale

For the chinstraps, the leather has been tanned to match the original chin straps. To get the rough edges the strap has been die cut, and stitching is followed exactly as the originals. The aluminum buckle is also stamped from unique dyes that were used in World War I and World War II equipment. These reproduced chin straps are often available for retail as un-issued originals and are available in different dates such as 1939, 1914, and 1942.

It is possible to get the German World War II helmet chin strap that was affixed on the helmets used in the wartime. The exact copies are hand stitched and marked. Another beautiful chinstrap is available as an aged reproduction of the German World War II helmet and has an aluminum buckle.

Helmet Liner Repair Kit

Another important helmet part is the liner. The entire pack comes with a refurbishment kit and has an aluminum outer band. The aluminum liner allows a person to refurbish the helmet shell but does not include the paint job. The liner has an aluminum outer belt. Tthe sizes are different according to the requirement. The chin strap is available as aged leather. A basic chin strap without the aluminum aged buckle is also available. In addition to this, three split pins and washers are also included in the kit.

It is possible to get German helmet split pins with the washers. These are generally available in a set of three and are perfect copies. The split pin comes with slotted washers that are crafted out of steel. They are marked and dated MSS 44 to conform to the matching helmet.

Another set of perfect pins are marked DNC 1941. These are available in bronze color rather than the basic blue and come with slotted washers. They have slight surface corrosion to make them look like replicas of authentic pins.

It is also possible to get an M. 31 reproduction German World War II helmet liner and aluminum band. The kit does not include the paint job, but the liner is fashioned around the original and the leather quality is the same. It can be assembled in the same fashion. It is marked with the date 1938 and a size stamp, as well as the marking of the maker.

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