Things to do in Bern

Are you visiting Bern in Switzerland for business or a holiday? Our guide to activities and sightseeing attractions in Bern gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Bern is a charming city located in the Centre-West of Switzerland. Bern has served many important administrative capacities in Switzerland since it was officially made the federal capital of Switzerland in 1848 under the national constitution. Bern has a rich historical background which can be seen in the cities architecture. Bern is also an official UNESCO world heritage site. Bern has a rich cultural and scientific heritage as it is from this city in Switzerland that Albert Einstein formulated and published his theory of relativity.

Eastern Bern

The Bern Show

The Bern show is an interesting little show that attempts to bring to life the history of Bern using a miniature scale model of Bern, and a light and sound show.

The Bear Pits of Bern

The Bear is the official symbol of Bern since the time that it was an independent city state. The Bear Pits in Bern have been around since the 16th century, and despite calls from animal conservationists, they are still present (bears included) today.

Western Bern
The clock tower of Bern

The clock tower of Bern is a famous landmark situated in the centre of the city, from which the distance of all other things in Bern is measured. The clock tower of Bern dates back to the 12th century and to this day offers a mechanical show of figures that come out from inside the top of the clock tower four minutes before every hour. Perhaps more interesting for visitors to Bern, is to take a tour of the inside of the clock tower where one can see the intricate mechanical workings of the clock on display.

The Krungrosse of Bern

This cobbled road is a good place to get a coffee and do some people watching while relaxing and taking in the atmosphere of Bern. In addition, one can enjoy the many fountains lined along the road at intervals, as well as spot the house in which Albert Einstein lived.

The Nydeggkirche of Bern

This is a 14th century church that is open for the public to browse around. The wonderfully calm and serene courtyard outside is a great place to while away a peaceful hour or so.

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