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Thessaloncia is a beautiful part of Greece, offering some great attractions for those travelling there on holiday as either part of a package or independent arrangement.

Thessalonica, which was established in 316 BC by Kassandros and named after the sister of Alexander the Great, is a bustling City with important commercial and cultural influences in Greece. As the second largest City in Greece, Thessalonica has expanded rapidly over recent years with a population of almost a million inhabitants.

Thessalonica is a major port in Greece and has strong railway links to other areas of Greece and has its own airport with direct International links including London.

Overlooked by the magnificent edifice of Mount Olympus, Thessalonica offers the visitor to this part of Northern Greece, a bounty of heritage, culture and modern living.  Indeed, Thessalonica is famed for its International Trade Fair which takes place each September, and renowned for the Thessalonica Film Festival, attracting celebrities and film buffs not just from Greece, but all over the world.

Thessalonica also boasts two Universities, hosting the largest student population in Greece.

Throughout 4,000 years of history, Thessalonica has played an influential role in the history of Greece with its reputation of ‘Mother of Macedonia’. Indeed, Thessalonica has seen a great deal of turmoil too in its history and was under the rule of the Turks from 1430 until 1912 when it was liberated by the Army of Greece.

The visitor to Thessalonica can see evidence of its changing history, so important to Greece, with its well, preserved monuments many of which are characteristic of the Byzantine era.

Around its beautiful Square overlooking the sea, with views out to Mount Olympus, Thessalonica boasts magnificent buildings of neo classic design which give it a Regal feel.

All around the City Thessalonica can charm the visitor to this part of Greece with its well preserved ancient history. The old walls were erected by Theodosius the Great and encircled the medieval City of Thessalonica. The ramparts extend for 3 kilometres and have 6 towers including the famous White Tower. Other spectacular sites to visit in Thessalonica are the Arch of Galerius, built just before 305 AD to commemorate the victory of Galerius over the Persians; The Rotunda, erected in AD 306 as a mausoleum to Galerius with its unique mosaics and many other features which cannot be missed when visiting Thessalonica.

Just a short distance from Thessalonica is Vergina which holds the magnificent tombs of King Philip 11, father of Alexander the Great.
There is no doubt that a visit to Thessalonica is not to be missed in this part of Greece, but be prepared to allow plenty of time to see its wonderful treasures.

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