Government & Politics in Hungary

Are you going on holiday to Hungary? Would you like to know a little about the system of government & politics in Hungary? Our guide gives you the political and government information about Hungary you want to know.

Government & Politics in Hungary

Hungary underwent drastic change with regards to government & politics at the end of the 1980’s when the Soviet Union collapsed. Hungary had been a communist country for close to five decades by that time and the 1990’s ushered in an era of change and modernisation for the country on broadly democratic and liberal lines.

Political constitution of Hungary

Hungary adopted a new constitution in 1989 in which the basic laws and procedures for electing government were laid down.  The constitution of Hungary makes allowance for the free election of government by the people and guarantees freedom of speech and the right to dissent; a right guarunteed to the entire population of Hungary.

Political representation in Hungary

Political representation in Hungary takes place in the national parliament which has only one chamber. The Hungarian parliament is composed of 386 members, all of whom are elected by the public for a four year term.

Government elections in Hungary

Hungary has an interesting system of parliamentary elections in that there are two separate rounds of elections. The system in Hungary also manages to mix together a system that incorporates both direct representation and proportional representation.
The diversity of political parties in Hungary makes it difficult for a single party to rule in government. Governments in Hungary usually take the form of alliances between a few of the different political parties.

Political parties in Hungary

Hungary has a wide variety of political parties placed at different places on the political spectrum from the left to the right. Some of the main political parties in Hungary are the socialist party, the Hungarian Christian democrat party and the justice & life party which is a right wing party.

International politics & Hungary

Hungary has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and is also part of NATO. Hungary has contributed to NATO mission in Bosnia and Afghanistan in recent years.

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