Blue Indian Ringnecks

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The blue Indian ringneck is increasing in popularity among avian pet owners and have become available all over the US. This has resulted in a drop in the price of these ringnecks as blue Indian ringnecks are no longer regarded as a rare mutation like the lutino. Due to a recessive gene, the feathers of the blue ringneck are a soft powder blue.

The crowns of blue Indian ringnecks show a very strong blue color. The sharpness in tone is also evident on the forehead. The neck ring of the male parakeet is off-white or sometimes pale gray with edges of white. It has a red beak and both its feet are gray. The female blue ringneck is totally blue in color and does not sport a neck ring.

Another variation of blue Indian ringnecks is a turquoise blue parakeet with a green body color. This blue ringneck can be differentiated by gender from the color as the male has a green face and its body is mostly blue. The female has only patches of blue in its tail and abdomen. Lighter blue ringnecks have tail and wing feathers that shade into green at the outer edges. Darker blue versions display purple and violet colors in its tails and wings.

Certain Characteristics of Indian Ringnecks

The Indian ringneck is a bird that can develop an extensive vocabulary of up to 250 words in some cases. You can teach your ringneck to speak when it becomes about one year old. The educational and vocal development of the parakeet depends very much on the quality of time and the training sessions that you have with it. The ringneck is capable of repeating words and memorizing sentences that it can speak out, although its speech may not be as clear as the larger species of parrot with better developed vocal chords. As these birds like to fly and can command very fast flight, you have to clip your pet’s wings to prevent it from flying off into the horizon.

Blue Indian ringnecks are derived from recessive genes that give the parakeet a lovely blue plumage. You can acquire different shades of blue parakeet whose feathers display an astonishing variety of colors. Enjoy your pet parakeet better by teaching it how to speak!

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