Switzerland job guide: Working in Switzerland

Are you looking for work in Switzerland? Want to know what kind of work you can find in Switzerland? Then read our guide to working in Switzerland.

Working conditions in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most difficult countries in the world to find work in if you’re a foreigner. Switzerland is also one of the best countries in the world to work in with average hourly salaries amongst the highest in Europe. One major obstacle to face before working permanently in Switzerland is the need to have a valid work permit for Switzerland, which are very hard to obtain. There are, however, a few options open to you if you’re keen on working in Switzerland.

Casual work and holiday work in Switzerland

The best place to find casual seasonal work in Switzerland is at one of its many ski resorts located in the Swiss Alps. If you do succeed in getting a job here you will most likely be employed working as a cook in the kitchens of the ski resort, or working in some type of cleaning or service role. Working at a ski resort is more likely during the peak winter season when foreign tourists come to ski. In the summer months it is possible to find work in some of the larger hotels; however these jobs are unreliable because you will always be at the mercy of demand. If business is slow at the resort or the hotel in which you are working, then your boss may let you go without notice and you will have no legal recourse.

Working as a Ski instructor in Switzerland

If you are a qualified Ski or snowboarding instructor then you stand a good chance of working in Switzerland at one of the big ski resorts. Many tourists who come to Switzerland to learn how to ski are English speakers, so as an English speaking instructor you have a definite advantage. Some resorts are more popular with European skiers while others tend to get more customers from the UK and USA. It is the latter that you should target if your thinking of working in Switzerland as a ski instructor.

Voluntary work in Switzerland

There are opportunities for working voluntarily in Switzerland, although such work is unpaid. Working on a voluntary basis in Switzerland usually means doing some kind of manual work on a farm, and although the work can be physical it is often rewarding and a good way to meet new people while experiencing Switzerland. Voluntary work placements usually offer free food and accommodation in return for your work.

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