French Door Refrigerators

Are you looking for a new refrigerator? Want to maximize both storage and kitchen space with you new refrigerators? Is a French Door Refrigerator the right fit for your kitchen? Read our guide for more facts and information…

The French Door refrigerator first hit the market in 2005. Since this time the style has been rapidly growing in popularity.  The demand for the French door refrigerator has been rising due to its many advantages; however, a relatively small number are manufactured in comparison to the demand. The at times short supply means that French door refrigerators are often more expensive than other models, with a basic model starting around 1800 dollars. Although the style may be more expensive its placement in television ads has led the French door style to be seen as part of a modern kitchen. This combined with the fact that a refrigerator is a long term investment means that consumers are able to enjoy their purchase and its benefits for many years.


The French Door Refrigerator is also known as a double door with a bottom freezer refrigerator which aptly describes the design. The French Door style has a pull out bottom freezer drawer which means for many consumers that organization is a must. Above the freezer is the refrigerator which has two doors which open separately. Inside the refrigerator storage is maximized as there are storage racks on the inside of both opening doors.  Also, inside the French Door Refrigerator is easy to store platters or pizza boxes which do not fit easily in convention refrigerators due to the lack of dividers in the centre of the shelves. Storage is also highly maximized as the French Door style is one of the widest refrigerators.


One of the most important things to consider when selecting a refrigerator is size constraints. The French door style maximizes storage in the least amount of space possible and as there are two narrow doors to open as opposed to one large door required space is reduced. This makes the French door refrigerator ideal for almost any kitchen space. The fact that this style also has two separate doors allows for it to be easily equipped with an icemaker or a water dispenser as an added feature. Also, in today’s world where energy saving is highly valued the fact that the doors open separately can cut energy consumption and as a result costs. The French door refrigerator like most other style is available in various colours including stainless steel.  The best feature of this style though is the easier access to the fridge as it is placed above the lesser used freezer.

The French door refrigerator is a popular choice in modern kitchens. It not only looks great in any kitchen but it functions within almost any space and maximizes storage. The French door style offers many desired features and offers the consumer a comfortable and easy to use refrigerator which is important in an investment that not only lasts for years but is used almost every day.

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