Indian Blouse Designs

The Indian blouse design has been modernized to meet western tastes. Find out the new trends in Indian blouse designs popular today and jazz up your sari…

Indian Blouse Designs have become very trendy over the years to cater to changing fashion trends in India and abroad. The modern Indian woman has evolved the Indian blouse design into something classy, up-to-date and caused a revival of the sari as an important fashion trend. The blouse worn with the Indian sari has actually gained as much importance if not more than the sari itself.

The initial blouse design used to follow a short sleeve, round neck blouse with front hooks which ended around the midriff. However, this design has been updated today and has incorporated a lot of Western blouse design trends to give it a touch of class and contemporary feel.

Variation of the Blouse Designs

Designs like the tube, spaghetti straps, and the blouse which is cut across the bias are increasingly common with modern Indian women who are conscious of how trendy they look in the saris they carry off in today’s fashionable world. Other common designs include the halter neck, shoulderless and backless designs. The bustier and corset along with a string back are Indian blouse designs which have become quite popular with the more daring and fashion forward ladies.

Each of the Indian blouse designs can be created in different variations in terms of the length of the blouse across the torso. Apart from this you can choose what kind of sleeves you prefer whether it is full sleeves or short cropped ones with a tie to create ruffles.

The halter neck can be tied at the back in a knot or be stitched. You can use a fitted top without sleeves if the sari is very heavy and again vary the length of the bustier. If you wish to look slim then you can use the bias cut for a slender looking figure.

Embellishments on the Indian blouse design

Indian blouses are created out of materials like cotton, crepe, silk or even velvet. The main aim of which complements and offsets the sari as beautifully as possible.

The necklines followed on these blouse designs range from the high collar to a halter neck or a simple tieback. The idea is to complement the work on the border of the sari and provide a beautiful base for it to rest on. Colors utilized in creating Indian blouses range from the bright neon colors to muted and somber tones which are used as the deep base for embellishments.

You can find Indian blouse designs which follow the light or heavy embellishment techniques. These could range from Paisley embroidery created with silk thread, perhaps crystals and stones embedded on the sleeve and back border of the blouse. Apart from this the latest trend to combine two materials like silk and lace or perhaps satin and crepe to create a contrast in the feel of the fabric and then embellish it with beads, sequins or even stones.

Heavy bridal outfits and sari blouses are worked completely from the base up and embellished with three or four different kinds of materials like stone, beads, gems and gold and silver wire along with threads.

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