Canada Goose Constable

Do you want to learn how the Canada Goose Constable parka insulates in the coldest weather? Are you interested in learning about the features that the Canada Goose Constable jacket offers? Read our guide for more facts and information…

The Canada Goose Constable parka is one of many products produced by Canada Goose for extreme winter weather. The Constable parka is a popular choice among scientists working in the cold of Antarctic as well as regular citizens in the winter of northern countries such as Norway, Sweden and Canada among others. The Canada Goose Constable parka is a coat that offers functionality while maintaining style and comfort.


The Canada Goose Constable parka is an everyday parka; however, it was inspired by a line of Canada Goose parkas produced for an elite special forces unit. The original design was intended for extreme conditions in the arctic and the Constable parka extends the use into everyday life. Canada Goose recommends the Constable parka for anyone wishing to stay warm during extreme harsh winter days. The Canada Goose Constable parka serves well in any environment and comes with a lifetime warranty, which covers anything but general wear and tear. The Canada Goose Constable parka is a coat that offers excellent value and runs for around $US 500 and is available in many retail shops and online dealers.


The Canada Goose Constable parka has an exterior designed to withstand the cold and wind. The exterior of the parka is designed of a fabric known as arctic tech.  The fabric is water resistant, although not fully waterproof. The parka includes a removable hood which includes a drip flap. The Canada Goose Constable parka also features two adjustable draw cords at the hood and the waist to allow the parka to be tailored to the desired fit. The parka also features a Velcro secured wind flap and a two way durable front zipper. The exterior of the Constable parka also has four pockets; two pockets are lower, while two are chest pockets and all four are secured with Velcro flaps. The sleeves also feature an elasticized knit cuff for additional protection.

The three quarter length Constable parka is available in tan, brown, navy, black and earth. Canada Goose produces the parka in a range of sizes extending from XXS to XXL. If you purchase a Canada Goose Constable parka it is recommended to check for authenticity by ensuring that a Canada Goose patch is found on the sleeve.


The interior of any jacket produced by Canada Goose is very important as it is the interior that provides the insulation for any cold winter day. The Canada Goose Constable parka features all goose down insulation which is protected by a 100% down proof nylon lining. The Canada Goose Constable parka has one interior pocket that is excellent for storing gloves or a wallet. The Canada Goose Constable parka is different from other Canada Goose products as the interior of the parka does not include a pocket specifically for storing electronic devices.

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