Indian Bridal Lehnga

Looking for Indian bridal lehnga? Want to know about all the different types of bridal lehnga available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right lehnga for you…

The lehnga is a traditional outfit worn by North Indian women made up of a long, ankle length flared skirt with a cropped short sleeved blouse and an exposed midriff. Indian bridal lehnga takes the traditional lehnga a step further by decorating it with rich brocade and heavy gold and silver thread. The shawl of the lehnga is particularly elaborate with sequins and tassels. When the shawl is draped over the bride’s head, this completes the bridal ensemble.

Indian bridal lehnga is usually in red, which is an auspicious color for weddings. The tone of red could range from crimson to blood red or a bright red matching the color of the tilak, a red dot on the forehead of the bride indicating that she is married. Red is the color of the Goddess of Wealth who brings luxury and prosperity to the married couple and showers their new home with abundant blessings.

Designer Indian bridal lehngas are narrow in the skirt around the knees with a tight fitting blouse or choli. The sleeves of the choli could be cropped to the shoulders or the front of the choli could be low cut. These are made from a variety of fabrics including silk, crepe silk and satin. The fashion dictates of the modern era demand that lehngas be trendy and stylish. They often take their cue from the lehngas worn by Bollywood starlets in movies.

Buying Bridal Lehngas Online is an online destination for prospective brides who wish to purchase their Indian bridal lehnga online. This online store has a multitude of designs for wedding lehngas that are exquisite and fashionable. Strapless cholis, or bodice are a favorite with customers who team it with a wide lehnga skirt and brocade shawl. Bridal lehngas range in price from $150 to more than $1,500 and come in dazzling colors such as purple, orange and burgundy. You can buy the lehngas securely online and the outfit will be shipped to your overseas destination.

Your Indian bridal lehnga should traditionally be in red to welcome prosperity and abundance into your new home.

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