American Eagle Flip Flops

Interested in American Eagle flip flops? Explore the wonderful variety of simple yet elegant designs from American Eagle…

If you are looking for the ultimate relaxed footwear then the collection of American Eagle Flip Flops is sure to impress you. The simple yet stylish designs from the company are sure to make the perfect fashion statement while keeping you in utmost comfort.

Some of the interesting varieties in the American Eagle flip flop collection are as follows:

American Eagle Vacation Flip Flops

This wonderful pair of flip flops by American Eagle truly captures the essence of relaxation. Wearing this pair is going to keep your feet cool and comfortable all along your vacation trip. The pair features a solid rubber footbed which is textured for added comfort. Stiped nylon straps give it style which is complimented by stripes on the outside of the sole. The pair also features woven comfort toe pieces and textured bottoms for added grip. This product is available in black with blue and white stripes. The vacation flip flops are highly affordable at $15.50.

Eagle Classic Flip Flops

This particular pair is true to the spirit of the brand. To its uniqueness is the cool embossed eagle on the footbed which forms one complete eagle when the two slippers are kept next to each other. This cool classic pair offers utmost comfort with its soft EVA footbed and upper along with quilted EVA straps. The pair also features a soft woven toe piece. The classic flip flops are available in black and grey and are being sold in the market for $15.50.

American Eagle Beach Flip Flops

These flip flops have been specifically designed for beach trips. You can easily shake the sand off your feet and get on to the street with this pair. The slippers have been given a pliable rubber construction featuring one wide strap that goes across. Cotton lining under the strap ensures you remain comfortable. The rubber embossed eagle on the strap gives it the American Eagle touch. The bottom has been given slip resistant tread for added grip. The product is available in the market for $19.50.

American Eagle Beaded Flip Flops

This is a decorative pair of flip flops especially designed for the ladies. It features beaded leather straps and has been given a thong styling. Suede lining in the straps ensure that your delicate feet remain comfortable which is further complimented by the soft leather footbed. The textured bottom ensures the floor never slips from underneath your foot. This accentuating pair of flip flops is being sold at $29.50 in the market.

American Eagle Stitched Leather Flip Flops

This is another special pair for the ladies. It offers utmost comfort and style fit for the summer season. The pair features ultra comfy soft leather straps along with self stitching details that give it aesthetic value. The comfy cotton thong and pliable rubber sole add even more comfort to the sandals. The easy to wear leather footbed is another distinctive feature of these flip flops. You can purchase this pair for $29.50 in the market.

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