Indian Home Designs

Planning your residence based on Indian home designs? Read ahead for the basic principles of creating an Indian home design…

Indian Home Designs traditionally follow a very holistic approach in their layout and floor plan. This holistic design system is called the Vastu and is utilized to enhance the quality of life in your home. When Indian homes are designed they utilize modern day technology and products that are found in everyday architecture and residential design. However, these are incorporated in a specific way following the system utilized to harness positive energy.

The system claims to promote harmonious living in synchrony with the energy of the universe. This definitely has a positive effect in protecting your health and your property. Apart from this it allows you to ward off negative influences and energy and promotes your well-being along with that of your family on a spiritual as well as emotional level. In fact Indian home design following the Vastu principles caters to enhancing your daily life experience.

Different Kinds Of Vastu Plans Incorporated In Indian Home Design

The science of Vastu is quite similar to that of Feng Shui which believes in a positive flow of uninterrupted energy of a positive kind to enhance the quality of life. Most companies offer the service at a price based on the total square footage of the house and provide you with details on how to plan the interior and exterior carefully.

If you follow the Shiva series then it incorporates the use of the Aswani star. This allows you to set up the right dimensions and balance to cater to the principles of the Shiva series. In the Vishnu series the primary guide is the Revati star which guides you in identifying the right dimensions for your home.

The Western Series has been developed for westerners. It allows those residing in the West of the globe to plan their homes according to the Vastu principles and gain the benefits of a well planned home with benefits to body, mind and soul. These plans incorporate elements of the homes commonly found in Europe, America and Canada. A great attention to detail is evident in these plans in terms of complying with the Vastu home design principle. These plans include different features covering areas like garages attached to the house, different rooms for laundry and utility.

Basics of Indian Home Design Following Vastu

This principle incorporates structures which are synchronized with cosmic energy and resonate with the earth. The plans provide the perfect layout in terms of location, the sizes of each room and how they are placed in conjunction with each other along with their dimensions in relation to their function and utility in the house.

These have been normally determined by aligning the home with one of the two stars to create a frequency that resonates with universal energy. Normally an Indian home design which follows this principle will have the floor plan with clearly marked dimensions, four complete elevations and a detailed document providing you a list of considerations that must be incorporated during the construction of a properly aligned and proportionate home.

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