Indian Interior Color Designs

Want to learn more about Indian Interior color designs? Read on for the latest trends regarding the use of color in Indian style interiors and discover the ideal Indian interior color design for your home…

Color is considered to be a fundamental element of design in Indian interior design. The way you make use of color while designing the interior space of the homes can have a profound effect on the ambience that will be generated.

Popular Colors in Indian Interior Design

In general you will find that Indian interior design sense promotes the use of bold colors. This trend has picked up in recent years although traditionally it has been prevalent in Indian architectural culture. The most widely used color in Indian style interiors is green, and that too a deep and vibrant green. Pumpkin orange is another popular color that is often used in Indian style interiors. The use of bright red in varying tones is also encouraged. You will be able to find red being incorporated from terra-cotta to cayenne. Other popular colors include gold, yellow, orange, turquoise and deep cinnamon. If you want to lean towards contemporary aesthetics then incorporating hot pink interior design would not be such a bad idea.

Things to Consider When Choosing Colors

Colors are important in Indian style interiors but they are not chosen in isolation. Rather you have to take many other elements of design into consideration when deciding upon your color palette. The use of materials in the surrounding will also dictate the ideal colors for your interior. For example metal is extremely popular and abundantly used in interiors. This is something that needs to be kept in mind if you’re going completely authentic.

Color with Texture

The use of color can further be enhanced by adding some texture. The particular texture of fabrics, wallpapers, wood finishes and flooring concepts will work in combination with the colors that you choose. When it comes to flooring concepts the emphasis is more on tonal variations and weaves in Indian interior design rather than on motifs. This gives you a chance to experiment with your color palette.

Color with Fabrics

When it comes to furnishing fabrics Indian style dictates that the inner beauty of natural fibers be exhibited. The use of fine prints in contrasting colors upon furnishing fabrics is also a common feature. Another interesting area where color is utilized to its maximum is on window coverings. These can be in the form of traditional curtains or Roman style blinds. You will often find such elements to display intricate handwork in multicolor and complex design. Printing and embroidery of ethnic style create a rich environment in the surrounding area.

Color and Wall Treatment

Wall treatment is another important element of interior design where color plays a fundamental role. In fact the walls are the biggest and best canvas for you to experiment with color. Loud, bold, bright and vibrant colors are most popular according to Indian aesthetics. Stylizing wall treatments such as the distressed look or faux treatment is another trend that is picking up.

In its essence the use of color helps to create the perfect ambience for every dedicated space inside the house. If you are looking forward to design your interior space according to Indian aesthetics then you should be prepared for a lot of color.

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