Indian Motorcycle Jackets

Choosing proper riding clothing is an important safety measure for any biker. There are more choices now than ever before in material, weight, and style. An Indian Motorcycle jacket in leather is an investment in both safety and style…

After you’ve chosen your protective helmet, for the rest of your body you need gear that provides extra protection to those parts of the body where the bone is close to the skin surface; knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, knuckles, etc. With the skin thinner in those areas, injuries can take a long time to heal, so you want to protect these vulnerable areas well.

You should also think of scenarios in which you might crash and slide along the road, and choose garments that will stay put if you were to get into one of those sliding situations. That means that you should choose a jacket where cuffs are securely fastened. Adjustable fasteners around the midriff will keep your jacket down instead of sliding up your torso. Also consider road heat. If an article of clothing can only take a cool iron it will melt on a hot road surface, and if it’s next to your skin, it will melt into your flesh. Sure, a jacket can be a pain if you live in a warm climate, but you’ve probably heard the saying “It’s better to sweat than to bleed.”

The Indian Motorcycle jacket is made of leather, and is great looking enough that you’d probably want one even if you didn’t ride motorcycles. In close fitting, stone washed buffalo leather, this jacket has a quilted lining and stretch elbow patches for fit and durability. The sleeves themselves are zippered, making it easy to tighten or loosen the cuffs. And all hardware is Indian Motorcycle branded. And it has two outer front zip pockets, a zipped chest pocket, and an interior pocket.

It comes in a rich, dark brown, with a two-way front zipper that is ever so slightly tilted on the diagonal to give it a little extra style. The back features a diagonally quilted piece that adds a subtle touch of flair.

An Indian Motorcycle jacket will never go out of style, and should you stop riding, you’ll still want to wear this great looking, functional jacket. In some climates this jacket could take you all the way through winter.

Safety when riding is a big responsibility and your choice of riding gear should be based largely on safety. After that, durability and style are considerations, too. The Indian Motorcycle jacket has all three of those things in abundance and can be found on

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