Indian Remy Hair Extensions

Are you interested in getting Indian Remy hair extensions? Would you like to know why Indian Remy hair extensions are often considered the best? Read on for facts & information…

If you go to a salon looking for hair extensions you will notice that Indian Remy hair extensions are among the most highly recommended and also the most expensive. One of the reasons for this is the cost of Indian Remy hair which can be more than double the price of its cheaper counterparts; this in turn raises the cost of getting Indian Remy hair extensions.

Indian Remy hair extensions are popular because they are easy to manage and can be styled and colored to give natural looking results. On an average you could spend as much as $350 for an 8 oz weft of hair, but Indian Remy hair extensions can last you five times longer than if you were to buy cheaper hair.

Hair extensions certainly don’t come cheap and if you are spending good money make sure that you get value for it by only going for Indian Remy hair extensions. These extensions give you a fabulous natural look and have wonderful volume.

Make sure that you go for a weft that has been sown tightly to prevent shedding. Also, check the hair before buying because if the hair is too dry you will too often have to deal with tangles. Another things to check for is the condition of the cuticles, they should be healthy and flow in the same direction.

Indian Remy hair extensions give you the look and feel of natural hair. You can opt for straight, curly or wavy hair that best suits your style. These hairs are available in machine weft, hand tied weft and micro weft. Of the three the machine weft is most commonly available. You will find that when you get Indian Remy hair extensions, the wefts used do not have gray hair and there is no matting up. Also, the roots are tied up together in one direction to give you a close weave. Hair that is used in Indian Remy hair extensions is cut meticulously ensuring that the cuticles stay intact. This is what makes Remy hair different from the other brands and non-Remy hair available in the market.

You can care for Indian Remy hair extensions as you would care for your natural hair. You will have to wash and condition it regularly. Make sure that they are dried properly and combed regularly. Keep them clean and in a dry safe place and they should last you for years.

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