Indian Remy Hair Ponytails

Are you interested in buying Indian Remy hair ponytails? Would you like to know why Indian Remy hair ponytails are so popular? Read on for facts & information…

Indian Remy hair ponytails are the preferred form of hair extensions and these are easily available in many stores albeit more expensive than the other hair brands in the market.

One of the reasons for the high price of Indian Remy hair ponytails is the use of all natural un-treated and un-processed hair to make them. These are available in two colors: natural black and natural brown but they can be styled and colored to give you the desired look.

The hair used to make Indian Remy hair ponytails is procured from a government managed temple in South India known as Tirumalai Tirupati. Devotees all over the country flock to these temple and offer their hair. Children, men and women offer their hair before beginning an auspicious task like starting a business or marriage or moving into a new house.

The barbers are skilled and ensure that the hairs are cut keeping the cuticle intact which is what gives Indian Remy hair ponytails the matte free look.

The hair is then sold to bidders from across the world; the bidding process is fairly complicated and you can’t simply walk off the streets and bid for the hair. Once bought the hairs are sent to the Remy factory where they are sorted based on their color and length. They are then sown in at the top into a weft with the roots at the sown end. The money procured by the temple trust from the sale of these hairs is utilized to aid the poor and needy in the community.

Indian Remy hair ponytails ate famous for their bouncy, natural tangle free look. Because the hairs used in these ponytails are 100% natural they are very easy to manage and you can care for them the same way you would care for your own

They are very durable and can last you for years. Make sure that you wash and condition them regularly and when not in use the ponytail should be stored in a clean dry place. Also ensure that you comb the hair regularly to keep it free of tangles. After you wash the hairs ensure that they are dried properly before storing them.

Indian Remy hair ponytails are a wonderful way to give yourself a glamorous look for any occasion. They look and feel like the real thing so even though they cost more most people feel that the price is right given the amazing and spectacular effect.

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