Indian Salwar Suits

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Indian salwar suits are the national dress of India for both women and men. These are worn by mainstream Indians in both the professional and social arena. In fact the pride in the outfit is reflected in the fact that the national dress is worn throughout the world by Indians whether they are on vacation, on business or even a political tour.

The Indian salwar suit for women includes a long shirt which has a length which varies from the knees till the calf. The pants worn under this shirt have fitted waist which gathers in the front and two separate triangular pant legs which end at the base of the ankle and have a stiff material stitched to the end to keep it erect. The front pleat is pressed on to make a vertical line run through the length of each pant leg. A scarf often accompanies the Indian salwar suit and may be from 2 1/2 yards to 4 1/2 yards in length. Often the shirt and scarf are created out of the same material and the pant is of a solid color.

These outfits often have short or long sleeves and are also created without sleeves especially those created for the summer months. The suits are normally created from the locally available materials which range from cotton, silk, chiffon, Georgette as well as velvet. Other than the Indian saris, the Indian salwar suits are by far the most popular outfits for women in India.

Popularity of the Modest Indian Salwar Suits

The Indian salwar suit is a good alternative to the traditional saree. This is because it allows women to work more comfortably as compared to a saree while still offering a modest way to cover up in a decent manner. Whether it’s a professional lady, a school going girl or a housewife, the Indian salwar suits are an acceptable form of decent attire in small towns and big cities alike.

In fact the popularity of this outfit has grown since celebrities and socialites have showcased them on the international level. A good example of this trend catching on in the European countries was the adaptation of the salwar suits by Lady Diana and Jemima Goldsmith.

Indian Suits for Men

The Indian salwar suit for men includes a long shirt with full sleeves and the salwar or pant like pajama. These can be worn in basic cotton for everyday wear or in fancier materials like silk or georgette for a more formal occasion. Often the basic cotton suits are embroidered in light shades to give them a nice finish and highlight the traditional culture of the country.

However, when it comes to the more formal attire Indian men are known to wear loud and bold colors, experiment with fabrics and enjoy the use of embroidery and embellishments on their outfits. This trend is most notable if the outfit has been created for a religious occasion or a wedding. These traditions have evolved over time and with them the Indian salwar suit has become an important part of the wardrobe of Indian men today.

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