Unique Indian Baby Names

Interested in unique Indian baby names? Read on for a comprehensive list of unique Indian baby name choices for boys and girls…

India is a large country and the population consisting of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, and Parsees speaking a couple of dozen major languages as well as hundreds of dialects and minor local languages. The major languages in the north of the country are Indo-European such as Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Bengali. People in the South speak the Dravidian languages Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Tulu. However, baby names in India are mostly divided along religious lines: Hindus name their babies mostly from their Sanskrit texts and mythology, Muslims use Arabic and Persian names, and Christians utilize European names.

Unique Indian Boy’s Names

Piyush is a very unique Christian boy’s name meaning “Nectar” while Neor means “dew”. Muslim names unique to the Indian sub-continent include Aftab from Persian meaning “the Sun”, Aaqib from Arabic meaning “follower”, Arif meaning “knowledgeable”, Asif meaning “able minister” and Atif meaning “affectionate”.

Then there are other unique Indian names that have extremely powerful meanings such as Adnan meaning “lion”, Afzal meaning “excellent”, Ahsan meaning “nicer”, Ajmal meaning “beautiful”, Akhtar meaning “good and pious”, Akmal meaning “complete”, Akram meaning “generous”,  and Amin meaning “trustworthy”.

Other unique Indian baby names are Anees meaning “friendly”, Anwar meaning “rays of light”, Asghar meaning “junior” and Ashraf meaning “without grief”. Names such as Azhar which takes on the meaning “famous”, Barkat meaning “blessing”, Faiz meaning “gain” and Faraz meaning “at the peak” are also unique choices to consider.

Also worth considering are the unique sounding names such as Farhat and Farrukh meaning “happy”, Feroz meaning “successful”, Iqbal meaning “renown”, Mazhar meaning “appearance, and Shah Nawaz meaning “brave” .

There are also some Hindu names which are more unique than the run of the mill Arjun, Anil, Rama, and Lakshman. These include choices like Abheer meaning “cow herder” and since cows are considered sacred in Hindu mythology this is regarded as being a very powerful name. Abhinatha means “lord of desire”, Ajantha which stands for “eternal flame” and Aseela meaning “from nobility” are also extremely powerful yet lesser used names in India.

Bhoj meaning “meal”, Budhil meaning “learned”, Dhansukh meaning “content with his wealth”, Gagandeep meaning “light in the heavens”, and Vihan for “dawn” are unique sounding because of their unorthodox pronunciation and have great meanings as well.

Unique Indian Girl’s Names

The collection of unique Indian girl’s names includes Christian, Muslim and Hindu names. Unique Indian Christian girl’s names include Celina meaning “heaven” and Mona for “noble”. Muslim girl’s name more commonly found in India than elsewhere include Afifah for “chaste”, Afreen for “encouragement”, Benazir for “peerless”, Deeba meaning “silk” and Faheema meaning “intelligent”.

Unique Hindu girl’s names include Apeksha for “expectation”, Adhishri for “principle”, Adwitya meaning “matchless”, Aja for “self-sustaining” and Amodini for “joyful”.

Above mentioned are just some fine examples of the unique names that you will be able to find in the Indian culture. One of the most interesting things about Indian names is the fact that they have been influenced by various cultures and religions which makes a very exhaustive, unique and brilliant collection of baby names choices.

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