Latest Indian Fashion Bangles

Want to buy the latest Indian fashion bangles? Read on to discover the interesting variety of the latest fashion in Indian bangles…

Bangles are considered to be an important fashion accessory when it comes to the Indian style of dressing. The wearing of bangles has been a tradition in Indian culture for thousands of years and continues up to today. In fact the Indian fashion bangles have been reintroduced to the modern masses all over the world.

Interested individuals will be able to find a wide variety of designs and styles in Indian fashion bangles. Some of the latest Indian fashion bangles are as follows:

Colored Jhumka Bangles

These are trademark traditional Indian style bangles. They are characterized by heavy decoration, complex designs and the use of exquisite materials. The fact that they are meticulously handcrafted adds to their value. The nature of colored Jhumka bangles is extremely gaudy and glamorous. They are often reserved for wedding ceremonies and other such special occasions. Indian jewelers create jhumka bangles in a wide variety of bright colors with varying decorative designs. One of the most popular jhumka bangles are those that have kundan and Crystal incorporated in the design.

Gold and Silver Bangles

Gold and silver is the medium of choice when it comes to traditional Indian bangles. Such bangles have intrinsic value and a universal appeal. Indian women wear Gold and Silver bangles to all sorts of occasions. Gold and Silver bangles for daily wear are generally plain which makes them easy to carry off with any kind of outfit. The more elaborate designs are reserved for parties, festivals and weddings.

The Kada

This is a unique concept for a bangle that originated in India many years ago. Unlike bangles the kada is not worn in the dozens. Rather one kada in each hand is considered to be more than enough. This is because they tend to be a lot wider and bulkier when compared with conventional bangles. A kada can be anywhere between 2 to 4 inches wide and hence becomes extremely hard to miss on a woman’s hand. Kadas are usually heavily decorated and considered to be extremely valuable. They can be worn with or without complementing fashion bangles. Although this is an ancient trend that has been prevalent in India for thousands of years it continues to have an appeal on the modern generation. In fact the concept of the Kada has been picked up by the Western civilization as well.

Wooden Bangles

Whereas conventionally bangles are usually made out of glass and precious metals, one of the latest Indian fashion bangle trends is that of wooden bangles. Wood acts as a versatile material that can be used to create many different styles for bangles that give off a totally different feel. Of course wooden bangles are not all that shiny and thus do not have the same grandeur as conventional Indian fashion bangles. However they have a more artistic look and are quite favored by the younger generation. Wooden bangles are available in the kada form as well as conventional bangles and are extremely lightweight and easy to carry.

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