Lee Cooper Shoes India

Do you want to explore the Lee Cooper brand of Shoes manufactured in India? Do you want to learn about the various styles of shoes produced by Lee Cooper? Read our guide for more facts and information…

The Lee Cooper shoe brand is a well established company. It began with a focus on jeans and work wear and gained a well known and respected reputation. The company entered into the shoe market in 1995 when its footwear brand was launched. Today the brand has established itself in over 70 countries and the products are currently available in over 700 locations worldwide targeting a mobile and independent consumer when creating their products. Throughout the world Lee Cooper has become a very successful and reputable brand.

The Style

Lee Cooper shoes are available in styles geared towards both men and women as well as in youth sizes. The shoes produced in India include sandals as well as formal, hiking and walking shoes. Around 15 unique styles of shoes plus a variety of sandals can be found under the brand for men while there is a more limited selection of shoes designed for women. Each pair of shoes costs upwards of 1000Rs in India on average.

Lee Cooper shoes are not only produced in a variety of designs but also in a variety of colours. The most common colours are brown and black as they are neutral tones. The style of shoes are also varied as there are lace up shoes as well as Velcro shoes and slip on shoes. Sandals and walking shoes are common products; but, the company also manufactures pairs of boots. There are two main styles of sandals produced; these styles are Velcro strapped sandals and the simpler slip on flip flops. The shoes produced by Lee Cooper are commonly created out of leather or suede. The styles of shoes produced in India are very popular leading to a profitable company domestically, as Lee Cooper ranks in the top three footwear brands in India.

Shoe Tips

Lee Cooper shoes are designed in India meaning that the sizing system ranges from 6 to 11 for men’s styles and 3 to 8 for women. In case this sizing scale is unfamiliar Lee Cooper’s websites provides simple conversions to the sizing scale in use in the United States as well as Europe. Lee Cooper also recommends to buy shoes that fit comfortably rather than shoes that fight tightly. Some believe that shoes will expand to fit with time; Lee Cooper cautions that there is a distinct difference between snug and comfortable and too tight. It is also important to maintain the shoes in order to maximize the life of the shoes. It is also of note that Lee Cooper shoes are available worldwide via online shopping. It is also suggested even with India to explore internet shopping as Lee Cooper shoes may be found discounted online.

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