China Cabinet Arrangements

Depending on whether you have a corner curio cabinet or something more formal for storing you dining room set, you’ll want to adjust your China cabinet arrangements…

Whether they are large or small, china cabinets are intended to do more than simply store fine dishes and glassware, they are intended to display these beautiful items. Most china cabinets have glass windows on the upper part of the cabinet with drawers or closed storage on the bottom part. This makes it possible to find numerous ways to show off pretty plates and stemware while hiding extra pieces that would overcrowd the arrangement.

Arranging Dishes and Stemware

How dishes are arranged will depend on the size of the china cabinet and the number of shelves in the glass fronted section. Some individuals may have nice serving pieces, like platters that they wish to show off. If the cabinet does not have a rail or a ridge to hold plates upright, it is usually possible to place two or three plates flat in front of an upright piece to hold it in place. An especially fine platter may display best if not flanked by other pieces, or flanked only by stemware which will not detract from the pattern.

Mix and Match Dining Rooms Sets

Not all the pieces in a china cabinet arrangement have to match one another. In fact, in many china patterns there are variances in the pattern of different pieces. The important thing is that the pieces harmonize, not that they are identical. Upright dinner plates make a nice backdrop for smaller items like teacups or for clear or colored glass stemware. In larger cabinets it may be possible to alternate dinner and luncheon plates for more interest.

Wallpaper Backgrounds

In older or built in china cabinets, some people choose to use a wallpaper pattern to add interest to the display, especially if the plates being displayed do not have a pattern. It is usually best to choose a small scale pattern that is not too busy to line the back and sides of a china cabinet arrangement. Choose a color that will contrast with the color of the dishes being displayed. For instance, if the dishes are white, a dark color like red or blue will provide the best contrast between the dishes and the background.

China cabinet arrangements depend on the pieces chosen for display and the size and style of the china cabinet, but it is important to remember not to overcrowd shelves. Pieces not being used in the display can be stored in the lower part of the cabinet and can be exchanged with other pieces to change the arrangement from time to time. It is also possible to add seasonal touches with artificial flowers or leaves or even Christmas balls in bowls on display. The important thing is that items displayed harmonize with each other and with the room in which the display is placed.

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