Manish Malhotra Traditional Indian Ladies Suits

Want to buy Manish Malhotra’s Traditional Indian Ladies Suits? Read on for interesting information on the high style fashionable clothing line by this young Indian fashion designer…

Manish Malhotra is regarded as being somewhat of a child prodigy in the world of traditional Indian fashion. The young man broke into the local fashion scene at the ripe age of 25 introducing a unique and distinctive area of traditional Indian ladies suits.

The young fashion designer gained worldwide recognition by designing women’s clothing for the Bollywood industry. Over the past 15 years Manish Malhotra is regarded as having revolutionized Bollywood’s sense of fashion. He acquired a reputation for designing excellent attire creating the perfect role work for every character. Some of the biggest female actresses in the Indian film industry are fans of Manish Malhotra’s traditional Indian ladies suits.

The collection of Manish Malhotra’s ladies fashion wear can be seen in a wide variety of Indian blockbuster films over the past decade. In fact statistics have shown that his clothes have been featured in almost every major hit film produced in the last 10 years.

Manish Malhotra in the Mainstream

Following his success in the Indian film industry the young fashion designer decided to launch himself on a commercial scale. This allowed the Indian masses to get their hands on “costumes” that were initially restricted for Bollywood actresses only. He broke into the mainstream in the year 1998 when he set up a high profile fashion house by the name of Reverie-Manish Malhotra.

To no surprise the store received an overwhelming response from the elite class of India. Many prominent socialites became instant fans of the commercial venture by the most popular fashion designer of the Indian film industry. His store also received much admiration from members of the NRI community. He went on to design brilliant bridal wear for some of the wealthiest and most well reputed families of India.

Manish Malhotra’s name became well known on the international scene when he was contracted to design the entire wardrobe for Michael Jackson during his appearance in the Bollywood awards that were going to be held in New York. The now deceased King of Pop was so impressed by Manish Malhotra’s that he contracted him to design his clothes for his upcoming performance in Munich. Michael Jackson even asked Manish Malhotra to design his children’s clothes.

The Revolutionary Indian fashion designer held his first fashion show towards the end of 1999. The fashion show was eagerly awaited by the masses and much to the delight of Manish Malhotra it was a spectacular success. Within the first three weeks of the fashion show about 70% of his clothes had been sold off the shelves.

Manish Malhotra cashed in on his Bollywood fan club and got some of the most prominent actresses to model for his clothing line. Sure enough this worked for the young fashion designer who shot to immediate success with his commercial venture. His denim collection in particular received worldwide fame with even international celebrities putting on a pair.

However the specialty of Manish Malhotra was the way he reintroduced traditional Indian ladies suits to the modern masses by adding a contemporary twist to his designs.

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