Royal Indian Jewellery

Want to buy royal Indian jewelry? Read on to discover the kind of variety of Royal Indian jewelry that is available in the market…

Royal Indian jewelry originates from the jewelry making traditions of Jodhpur. Today this term is used for the fusion of traditional jodhpur Royal jewelry with that of Victorian jewelry. The result of this fusion has been a wide array of superior quality jewelry articles designed using extremely creative sensibilities.

This new concept of royal Indian jewelry envisions contemporary fashion trends and therefore you will be able to find royal Indian jewelry for all kinds of occasions and tailor-made to a wide variety of tastes.

Some fine examples of Royal Indian jewelry are as follows:

Royal Victorian Necklace

This is a brilliantly designed necklace made using the enchanting combination of gold and silver. It features beautiful spiral designs with the chandelier-like motif hanging down the center. It is further adorned with diamonds and color stone bringing the necklace to life. The basic structure of the necklace is in silver which is studded with diamonds all along the way. The color stone is beautifully set in claws made out of gold.

Royal Pendant Cum Broach

This is yet another unique piece of jewelry that draws upon inspirations from traditional jodhpur Royal jewelry and Victorian sensibilities. It features the timeless classic construction in gold and silver. The silver structure is accentuated by gold lining that follows throughout. Beautiful color stones are set in the center of spirals surrounded by brilliant diamonds.

Royal Diamond Ruby Necklace

This unique diamond ruby necklace is bound to make you stand out. The focal point of the necklace is a full blossomed flower in gold and silver and adorned by large cabochon cut burnish Rubies. The size of the precious stone in the setting is relatively large which makes it extremely hard to miss. What sets this royal diamond ruby necklace apart is the fact that it hangs down from a beaded ruby necklace. Although charming in terms of its construction, it is not a very versatile jewelry article and can only be worn with a specific matching attire.

Royal Diamond Bracelet

Royal Indian bracelets are characterized by the use of colorful precious gemstones and a solid construction in gold or silver. In this case the bracelet is made out of a combination of both gold and silver. It is a rather wide bangle which can measure up to 3 ½ to 4 inches in width. It has been adorned using a fine combination of gemstones that includes diamonds, Garnet and citrine.

Royal Indian jewelry is characterized by its gaudy construction and the use of a wide variety of colorful precious gemstones. As was the culture amongst the royal elite of jodhpur, the jewelry was meant to show their status and hence was deliberately made extremely hard to miss with the use of exquisite precious metals such as gold and silver which were used to create exquisite and intricate designs. The jewelry articles were further brought to life with the beautiful color stones that were incorporated in the design.

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