Irish Dance Costume Patterns

Looking for Irish dance costume patterns? Want to know about all the different varieties of dance costume patterns available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right costume pattern for you…

Variety Of Irish Dance Costume Patterns

Costumes for Irish dance can be elaborate pieces with long flared sleeves and short stiff skirts for women. Irish dance costume patterns for solo dancers can have a variety of designs but sleeves were always long and the skirt was stiffly billowed and short to expose the length of the dancer’s legs. The focus of attention in Irish dance costumes was the feet and for lady solo dancers, the skirt revealed the legs from the calves down.

Irish dance costume patterns make use of various types of fabric including organza, silk and wool. The costume patterns for championships include generous amounts of sequins, spangles and lace. The cuffs of the dance costume for women are flared and the dress is normally brightly colored.

Most Irish dance costume patterns are influenced by traditional regional folk costumes of rural Ireland. Each region has its distinctive traditional dress which is adapted for Irish dance. The result can be a fascinating mixture of tradition and modern influences that combine to produce a fanciful design replete with sequins in a riot of color.

Men’s Irish dance costume patterns are not nearly as flamboyant as women’s. The men wear kilts with plain jackets and have a folded cloak over one shoulder. The cloak is secured with a brooch called the Tara brooch. The cape falls over the back of the dancer. For set dancing or where several men and women dance together, the men’s outfit will match the women’s dance costume in the color and pattern of the shirt.

Dance Costume Patterns For Competitions

Irish dance costume patterns for women solo dancers in competitions either have the costume as a one piece dress or as a skirt and a top. Dance costumes are made to measure from costly material with painstaking detail in the sequins and precise design. Irish dancing schools each have their own distinct dance costumes complete with their school emblem or insignia. Celtic designs are hand embroidered on the dance costume to commemorate the past history of Irish dance.

Irish dance costume patterns have a long history and are attractive, fanciful renditions of traditional Irish folk styles. Women’s dance costume patterns are more elaborate than men’s and are extravagant styles with sequins.

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