African American Natural Hairstyles

African American natural hairstyles reflect not only the personal style of a person, but also his or her cultural heritage. The many different kinds of African American natural hairstyles simply signify how unique Afro Americans want to be, and how c

Afro Hairstyle

Afro is one of the African American natural hairstyles that became a fashion trend during the ‘70s. This natural hairstyle lets the hair be stretched out from the head to create a form of a ball or a halo. If you want to make it more stylish, you can make a side or center parting on your hair. Although many people think that Afro hairstyle is very unmanageable, hard and tough, Afro hair is often very soft and very manageable especially if it is well taken care of. Afro hair also seems shorter than other hair types only because of its very tight curl pattern. There are also various types of Afro hair—wavy curls, loose curls, and tightly spiraled curls.

Hair Braiding

There are African American natural hairstyles which are also intended to deal with curly, frizzy hair, like hair braiding styles. Hair braiding is believed to have originated in Egypt, and after which has been reinvented by African Americans. Braiding is like an art and it starts with taking three sections of hair which are to be interwoven to create plaits.

Hair braiding can be done in several forms, one of which is the English braid. This type of braids makes use of a three strand plait and should begin at the back part of the head. The French braid, on the other hand, starts at the hairline or the forehead and goes to the back of the head. Dutch braid is a reverse French braid. Multi strand braids are the ones that use more than three sections of hair, and finally, Crown braids are the woven like braids curled around the crown of the head.

Twist Hairstyles

Twist African American natural hairstyles can be made by washing the hair and creating two divisions on the hair. These divisions or sections are then twisted and made to dry under a blower or hairdryer. This type of hairstyle allows the natural Afro American hair to be styled in patterns of circles or semicircles and straight or wavy rows. This flat twist hairstyle can be achieved by putting together the two sections of hair using a unique braiding method. The braids should be made very close and tight on the scalp before styling it. African American natural hairstyles like twists are considered as an effective substitute to chemically changing hair to get a more natural style. Twists can also be worn in loose styles, up swept and can even be accessorized.

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