Irish Symbols For Fertility

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Various Irish Symbols For Fertility

Nature provided numerous Irish symbols for fertility to the ancient Celtic people. The hazel tree was a traditional symbol of fertility for the Celts. It was also a symbol of female wisdom. In Celtic culture, hazelnuts would be strung together and hung from the doorways and within rooms to bring both abundance and fertility to the householders.

The mighty oak tree was regarded one of the more superior Irish symbols for fertility for its strength and stability. Acorns that were gathered from oak trees at night were thought to be very strong fertility symbols. The acorns would be brought to the home to ensure the owners of the house were blessed with progeny and produce.

The ancient Celtic people relied on trees for innumerable reasons and the pine tree was viewed as one of the prime Irish symbols for fertility. All parts of the pine tree were jettisoned as a fertility symbol, including the pinecones and pine nuts. These were used in various ways to bring fertility to women.

Animal Symbols For Fertility

The ancient Celts studied the natural cycles of the earth and attempted to find ways to live in harmony with nature that sustained and preserved them. Animals were an important part of their life. The Celts were in awe of the keen eye, the strong sense of smell, the speed, agility and strength of animals that defied the proportions of ordinary men. Ancient Irish symbols for fertility included horses and serpents. The shedding of the serpent’s skin called forth the idea of the cyclical nature of life that renewed itself and found re-birth each year.

The Celtic God of Fertility was Cernunnos, who was half-man and half-deer. He was associated with nature and hunting. The deer was one of the earliest Irish symbols for fertility and the oldest known animal to the Celtic people. This animal symbolizes represented renewal, fertility and abundance in Celtic cultures. The antlers of the deer were linked to the harvesting and the sowing of grains.

Ancient Irish symbols for fertility were closely associated with nature. They were often trees and animals, which were manifest representations of the cycle of life and renewal. The Celtic people respected and admired the nature, developing symbols naturally found into their fertility icons.

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