Kathy Ireland Candles

Interested in Kathy Ireland candles? Explore the brilliant variety of exquisite candles and candle holders developed by Kathy Ireland…

Incorporating unique candles and candle stands into your interior setting can lend a beautiful accent to your home. Kathy Ireland produces some excellent varieties of candles and candle stands for this very purpose.

Some of the most exciting Kathy Ireland candles and candle stands are as follows:

Kathy Ireland Regal Medallion Set of Two Candle Holders

Add a regal tone to your table with this amazing set of two classy candle holders. The candle holders have been given a unique tiger bronze finish that makes it stand out. It is further accented with fine marble simulation. The candle holders house pillar style candles that you will need to purchase separately. The two stands measure 13” and 15” high.

Kathy Ireland Buckingham Collection Candle Holder

This unique candle holder is ideal for adding a nice warm and attractive accent to your favorite room in the house. The candle holder has a refined yet traditional look that gives it a versatile appeal. You can place this brilliant candle holder anywhere from the dining room to your very own bedroom. The holder has been given a classic Cima gold finish that gives it a feel of richness. This is further complimented by brown marble accents. The holder sports three inch diameter style candles which are included in the purchase. The three holders measure 10, 12 and 14 inch high respectively.

Kathy Ireland Romantic Dreams 16″ High Candle Holder

Incorporating this unique candle holder into your home will create a highly romantic ambiance with its richly detailed design. Intricate carvings of cherubs and gold leaf accent this candle holder giving it a very elegant appeal. The base has a mix of bronze finish elements with tea colored accents. The set comes complete with a three inch diameter pillar candle with the candle holder measuring sixteen inches.

Kathy Ireland Set of Two Island Collection Candle Holders

This is a set of handsome candle holders that are meant to blend in perfectly with a tropical style interior décor. This is one of the brighter and more cheerful designs from the company. The candle holders have been given an antique green patina finish with a bamboo wood finish trim. The candle holder gets a more sophisticated angle from the round marble font accents that it has been given. You will get two 3” diameter white candles to fit in with the holders that measure 12 and 16 inches respectively.

Kathy Ireland Constellation Candle Holder

If you are looking for a more contemporary style candle holder then this particular design is bound to win you over. Clean lines and a multi toned top decorate this espresso base candle holder. It is a sleek candle holder that will blend in just fine with an urban interior. The candle holder looks more like an exquisite work of art that is bound to become the center of attraction in whichever room it is placed. It measures twelve inches high and eight inches wide.

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