Kathy Ireland Crystal Chandeliers

Interested in Kathy Ireland crystal chandeliers? Explore the dazzling variety of glittering crystal chandeliers produced by Kathy Ireland…

A sparkling crystal chandelier can bring a touch of mid 17th century nobility to your home. Unlike the good old days, crystal chandeliers can now be afforded by a vast majority. Kathy Ireland produces some excellent crystal chandeliers that will give you a touch of the classical era with a modern twist.

Some of the classy Kathy Ireland crystal chandeliers that can add ornamentation and elegance to your home are as follows:

Kathy Ireland Dorset 6-Light Crystal Chandelier

This is one of the most impressive crystal chandeliers produced by Kathy Ireland. It features acanthus leaf and floral accents that give the six light chandelier its charm. Incorporating this chandelier in your home will make it sparkle and shine. The brilliant crystal fixture has been given a lovely white finished with a clear beaded draping and prismatic droplet embellishments. It is a perfect fixture for a sophisticated living or dining room. This impressive crystal chandelier is being sold at a dollar short of the three hundred mark.

Kathy Ireland Celebracion de la Luz Bronze Mini Chandelier

You will be celebrating in high style with this glittering mini crystal chandelier. This particular crystal chandelier is a prime example of the graceful light fixtures that Kathy Ireland is renowned for. The small size makes it an ideal fixture for a small hallway or a dressing area. The chandelier has been given a bronze finish and captivating strands of glass hang from the structure. The fixture has a pull chain mechanism. This unique chandelier is being sold at $99 only.

Kathy Ireland St. Petersburg Chandelier and Sconces

Go old school with this classic design by Kathy Ireland. The antique rubbed white chandelier will make your interior come alive. Matching pin up scones add further grace to the fixture. The chandelier gets its elegance from specially added crystal accents. The scones can be plugged into any wall out let. Overall this is a very inspirational light fixture from Kathy Ireland that is truly worth considering.

Crystal Beaumont 6 Arm Chandelier – Choice of Finish

This is a cost effective classic crystal chandelier. The chandelier features six arms with a choice of finish. The center bowl in this chandelier measures 14” and has three sockets. The total height of this light fixture is 28 inches with a width of 27 inches. The chandelier is available in two different versions. One is a gold plated finish and the other is a stunning oil rubbed bronze.

Kathy Ireland Three Light Mini Crystal Chandelier

This is another mini crystal chandelier from the company. This dazzling fixture has been given a British leather finish with amber colored crystal rings and drops. Incorporating this brilliant design into your home décor will create quite an impact. The structure has been given a white rubbed finish which is well complimented by clear droplets. The brilliant design is one of the cheaper varieties available in the market.

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